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Work to like in IT is REST at Play, CE. And quite perfect for retirees all grown up and moved on to higher planes internetworking,
Sublime and Surreal is AI@ITsWork for Creative Command of Control Cyberspace, Communications and Computers.
31 July 2015 at 03:59
The Pirating of Mega Media .... with a Dick Tracy Intercept?
Howdy, El Reg and Illustrious Commentards,
Y'all might like to visit for the other/another side of Mega Media into telling tales fabricating evidence/delivering honest pictures.
A simple big little plain text read creating a whole new grave world order view in chaos for madness and mayhem, which is a crazy virtual reality to lose yourself in for one is always to expect future self-destruction with the public outing of outrageous and unsavoury private shenanigans.


Casey Evans said...

RE:"one is always to expect future self-destruction with the public outing of outrageous and unsavoury private shenanigans."

This is not always the case. I for some reason do not see banking data on the web.
Maybe that is because they were the employer.

The role you play decides the outcome.

Casey Evans said...

I would like to make a few requests.

I would like to work from home.
Reason: Last time I worked in a data center "super hacker" worked with me and had me issuing commands using my account with root access in a way that would bypass logging by the security group (not to say the client machine rootkit screen capture wouldn't prove my innocence, but who is to say I could subpoena such as it would supposedly not exist), uses to log root commands.
This could have been used by super hacker to issue commands as me, setting me up for a fat prison sentence.

I would like to work in application or exploit development.
Reason: I am tired of working around people who insult me, thinking that they are constantly outsmarting me, doing repetitive task which almost always have the same outcome, wasting my time learning how to use commands someone dreamed up as aliases to the real commands (yes, they really do this, and it is so your dumb and stuck with that company with that knowledge). I hate spending most of my day working on dumb tickets which have no real intellectual challenge to them, half of which require a service to be restarted or something really stupid like a server with high disk usage (you are REALLY cheap on hard disk costs). I hate working in fake situations, like for example "I would like you do to X and I will be right back", meanwhile your watching me -watching the dumb freaking screen to see what I do. I am tired of not learning new things everyday (and no I do not mean just one new command or something stupid).
I happen to like DEV environments, I can try whatever I want and work out the problem way before it ever goes to production, giving me room to work on new ideas and projects in a safe manor that will not be used to put me in a cell. I happen to have an interest in security programming I find that I like writing small little programs to do what I want which have a mixture of programming languages to be best for me. I hate that right now I am stuck getting ready for a Microsoft programming job, I have to use proprietary software from a company that basically sells a virus as an operating system. Did you know in windows 10 it now even sends your keystrokes to MS? Sounds like a rootkit of an operating system to me. Anyhow. I would also like to be in exploit development so I can pick my own projects. I would do it all myself but I am really tight on resources at this time and I can not afford to pay for the projects I pick at this time.

Casey Evans said...

While in whatever development job I am working I would like to request the following: Please do not modify my compilers, assemblers, or linkers to add code I do not want in my finished product. Do I even need to say MASM to anyone? What a damn nightmare. Also I would like to request that you stop MODIFYING MY CODE. It is illegal, unethical, and wrong. I am bad enough as I am, don't need you making me out to be the villain.

I would like proper compensation for the work done. Not saying this was not the case before, but still.

I do NOT want to answer phones all day. In fact, I would like to never answer a phone again.
I want communications in a proper LOGGABLE format. IM, email, TXT MSG, etc. I want a log.
This way if we ever go to court over me "supposedly doing something wrong" I can pull the conversation log without problem and prove my innocence.

I do NOT want root access to production servers. All you do with root access is try to set me up, I am tired of being in god mode in a datacenter. Root on DEV is "OK". I expect that when I write some code which will end up being run as root that I might need DEV root access to test it in the DEV environment.

I will NOT do a full debriefing of my life history or suspected criminal activity. I will NOT be taking ANY form of lie detector testing. If you require this I do not want to work for you.

I will not work for No Such Agency. Not that I could, persay. But I was told by a "friend" in that agency specifically NOT to work for them. I just would not fit in and I have way too much history. I do not want to work for the FBI as a snitch catching and entrapping other hackers. It goes against everything I stand for, and is a job for a piece of shit. Basically you can rule out ANY law enforcement as an employer as they ALL require a polygraph or even worse.

This does not rule out the government investing in the technology I work on (Antimatter related, or the purchase of exploits). I would not be an employee in that case, which would be OK.

And last this whole thing about me never having a girlfriend is unacceptable. You can honestly expect me to use my hand for the rest of my life. Someone needs to work out this problem. No rush.

And that (I think) should clear up many problems I have.
Oh one last thing, I HATE the state of Arizona. Who the hell watches a western movie and says "Yeah that looks like a place where I would like to live". I understand that there are many data centres in the state but as I do not plan on working IN them, who the hell cares where I live. I am thinking somewhere tropical like Miami.

I'm done bitching.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"US still hoarding zero-day app vulnerabilities, say EFF campaigners"

I am all for the hoarding of digital information. Plus if someone would buy from me I would be quite wealthy if that is what they do with them :)

Casey Evans said...

RE:"A satellite launched by the US military has gone rogue and is causing interference to radio hams across Europe."

It is time for someone to quit playing a role and be who they really are.

You want to play British spy all day?
I don't.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Your invitation is withdrawn..."

I think that is what mr vyle would want.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Oh Jeez, not now! Activist investor threatens Violin Memory"

I have no problem with Joseph A De Perio, he has always been good to me.
I do not wish to work for him though.

Thank him for me for my treatment when I was last in his facility.
Couldn't have asked for more.

Casey Evans said...

I posted new info to my website today about the truth about kinetic energy. I figured I would update you here too.

I have come to the understanding that there is more to kinetic energy than what we have been told.

After reading I have come to the conclusion that:

Kinetic energy is the transfer of photons between electrons.
This changes photon density in the target electron, which changes its electromagnetic properties, and the wavelength of light it emits.

I have also come to the conclusion that when two electrons "collide" (they never touch) they have similar electromagnetic charges in the shell of the electron which interact and depending on that interaction is how the wavelength of light that is emitted from the target electron. This explains how you can take a gas and change the kinetic energy (the voltage so to speak) which changes the wavelength of the light it emits.

You can also come to the conclusion that you can change the photon density of the target electron(s) by using light, which will change the kinetic properties of the target electron(s).

I do not believe that before today anyone has documented all this, but I could be wrong.

In short:
Kinetic energy IS the transfer of photon energy between electrons based off the interaction of the electromagnetic interaction of the shells of the two electrons.

Casey Evans said...

I see here:

Someone seems to agree with me on some points!