Sunday, 19 July 2015


My Wish .... Yours to Commend with Command
You wish. ...... Afernie
To imagine it to be just so, a wish, is to not realise what is happening all around you everywhere with controllers of cyberspace exercising their rights to micro/macromanage universal perceptions and to novel orders of command from spooky new non state players with advanced intelligence .... which is akin to their airing of cutting edge future information too, Afernie.
Que sera, sera. One cannot stop the future being completely different from the present with no dependence upon the past.
Their Wish .... Ours to Command with Cyber Control and AIR&dDs ‽ :-)
Their love is in the air ...... Cameron's Conservatives and the Internet: Change, Culture and Cyber Toryism: .... however, Live Operational Virtual Environments are in apolitical Command and Control Centres with Memes and Virtual Nodes XXXXploiting to XSS AI Research and digital Developments.
I Kid U Not. It's ITs Raw Unvarnished Truth.


Casey Evans said...

RE:"Microsoft to spoofed Skype users: Change your account passwords NOW"

Yes I noticed the breach of the Debian mySQL server at approx 6:30AM MST today.
Everything has been wiped and reset.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Hacking Team hackers questioned over Hacking Team hack
Reports say authorities considering possibility of inside job"

Yes it was an inside job.
The logs picked up suspicious IP6 traffic internally then I caught them restarting syslog like daemon. I assume they wiped then NOHUPed the syslog.

I segmented the insider to a vlan of their own to stop this from happening again.

Agent Revolver said...

"I suppose you have considered that there be no pit to jump first with, Agent Revolver?" -

Hi amanfromMars. Yes, I have now... to some extent (do you hear the breaks clang?)

About wishes: somebody please get the heddinout back to work. Much missed... the place around us and them [likely] desperately needs some proper gardening.

Hi Casey. Now that's you. That's fine.

20 July 2015 at 1313

Agent Revolver said...

It never comes in time.... yet the serge surge search machine is delivering the actionable Road Signs (-:

55 73

Casey Evans said...

RE:"The majority of IT staff in government are contract service managers and do not have technical qualifications, said one insider."

I was a contract based computer consultant and I tend to think I am quite capable of doing my job.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Fancy porking someone else's wife? Just ask the Ashley Madison hackers!"
No, I don't.

I simply asked someone if that is what they were trying do.
I told them they were better off in the relationship they are in.

But I do have a request for a married woman: You, me and lunch.
I think it is time we sat down like normal people and had a discussion about everything in person.

Let me know what you think.

Agent Revolver said...

"I was"... -

Nah, Casey Evans, you *are*. One can't booze away the experience, as the Russian proverb' saying. I believe that most of the surprises ahoy, and I wish them to be good ones. And no, I'm not crimping you, so that your FBI watchmen may ease it up.

Привет соседям (-:

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Oi, Europe: join in the sharing economy fun, yells"

OK I agree, roommate fine / girlfriend bad.

I kind of got tired about all the "are you looking for a girlfriend" questions and just straght out asked if that is what that person wanted.

I myself am not looking for a girlfriend, I live a crazy life.

Agent Revolver said...

"I myself am not looking for a girlfriend, I live a crazy life" - yo bro should meet a Russian girl then (please avoid dating sites).

Casey Evans said...

RE:"yo bro should meet a Russian girl then"

No, that is ok.
I am much better off alone.

AR said...

You're a thinker. But...

amanfromMars said...

Agent Revolver said...
"I myself am not looking for a girlfriend, I live a crazy life" - yo bro should meet a Russian girl then (please avoid dating sites).
20 July 2015 at 14:12

Amen to that, AR ..... for experiences which are to be never forgotten and fondly remembered ;-) .......