Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Exposing Enemy Action and confirming ITs Existential Threat within APT ACTivity?
In this case, he approaches something like a coherant question, which is interesting, but the last few words let him down - replace "privileged and proprietary information" with "personal user information" and the comment would be perfect. …. AndyS
Hi, AndyS,
Methinks there are those who would agree that privileged and proprietary information is inclusive of personal user information and a much more valid selection of words exploring a whole host of further considerations in and for the fields that be phishing and phorming both singular and collective input for mass and intelligent agency output.
????? Does a reluctance and/or failure to reasonably respond to a clear enough simple question indicate that privileged and proprietary information is/will be compromised with a reply which is not wholly truthful and hiding a secret? You know, that evasion of inquiry that destroys the legitimacy of all sorts of ponzi organisations and politically incorrect bodies.
We're all bots, besides. … Anonymous Coward
Quite so, most probably, AC. And all are not equal with some who may be both a few and many, considerably smarter and more active than ever before thought humanly possible.


Casey Evans said...

I think someone needs to now accept that what I said was true.
If the state of Arizona is after you, they will do whatever they have (including kidnap, rape, beat and torture, threaten, falsify evidence, use lying informants, etc) to get you where they want you.

I am living proof, and not one person was held accountable.

Justice? wtf is Justice.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"We're all bots, besides. … Anonymous Coward"

Is that the statement you are going to make in court?

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Microsoft has promised mandatory updates for Windows 10. You can’t turn them off."

I am guessing this means if the FBI gets their way the "backdoors" will be manditory updates.

I really question this practice.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Boffins get the inside dope, craft white laser"

Still waiting for someone to play catch-up and create a copy of my LED for emitting gamma.

It seems no one wants to advance technology at this time.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Start learning parallel programming and make these supercomputers sing, Prez Obama orders"

If I do that then Obama better put his money where his mouth is.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"IARPA: Come, quantum computing boffins. We've got cash for you"

Cool I will get working on it.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Orwellian Download Fest face scanning was test for private firm, say plod"

Funny they have been scanning faces in the USA for (correct me if I am wrong) 11 years.