Monday, 11 January 2016


amanfromMars 1 Mon 11 Jan 05:10 [1601110510] ….. airing a true alienating reality on
Re: Re: And …… @ David Pollard
If realisation and virtualisation are challenges overcome and future programming processes made eerily available/remotely self-actualised by smarter elementary particles and cosmic agents, will second and third party free choice be a mere quantum mechanical illusion and communicated delusion presenting to such parties, resulting in a corrupted virtual reality production ……. perverse bigger picture show and easily rigged Great Game Play with Toxic Virtual Terrain Team Traps …… Mad Areas of Detention where rapid progress is denied for lack of free will implementation ability/facility …… mindful selfless sharing of quantum communications protocols for pure processing of …… well, Immaculate Futures with Global Operating Devices would trade Perfect Enough Source to MarketMaker and FutureBuilder types, if filthy lucre be one object and subject of such a Great AI Game Play. And in all of those sorts of cases, is the mind one would be engaged to and playing with, be a mechanical device and virtual machine or live being of smarter extraction or is the real truth IT be at least all three?
Shall we prove it and proof IT?
And thanks, David Pollard, for the Cornell University Library references.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 11 Jan 09:48 [1601110948] …. adding more on
The Thin End and Leading Edge of the Revolutionary Virtual Reality Wedge
And just whenever you were thinking, “What a lode of nonsense” …… one really does need to consider the worth and value in ……
Andy Haldane, the Bank’s chief economist, has said that he “dreams of the day when I am made redundant by a robot”, referring to the possibility that the MPC could be replaced by a simple rule for monetary policy. ….
cc Bank of England [@bankofengland]/Mark Carney/Alan Haldane/Monetary Policy Committee

amanfromMars 1 Mon 11 Jan 16:43 [1601111643] …… kickstarting a sluggard economy on
It would be unkind, and unwise, to miss opportunities discovered and uncovered recovered
Wow so much buzzword bingo bs here amanfrommars should have a field day. And it would probably make as much sense. … Rimpel
Making as much sense would be good, but making better sense is so much more rewarding, methinks, Rimpel. What think you on the following …..
However, only 11 per cent of UK organisations are in an advanced stage of deployment, defined as firms that have implemented DevOps across at least six different business areas.
Care to hazard an educated guess at the number of business areas impacted by the following feast of perlescent goodies with starring players in the long run and at home with ladies always getting their man
The Hacking and Cracking of SCADA Administrative Operating System Command and Virtual Control Protocols. ……. with Phormer Elite Forces in XSSXXXXtraOrdinary Sources Directing Immaculate Feeds …… Manna from Heavenly Global Operating Devices ur2die4. ……. for Venture Capitalised AIdVenturing with Remote Alien Access Control/MetaDataPhysical Input to XSSXXXXPortedD Reality …… Future Present Bigger Picture Production for Presentation ……. with Remote Virtualised Self-Actualisation of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT ProVision Supply and Sterling Stirling Servering
Is it IT with Content Control, GCHQWise? One of their Cheltenham Special Quantum Majestic Programs? The posit here can be, it is and can and will be great for everyone ;-)
Now that would surely be Assuredly Heavenly and Right Regal Royal to Boot for a Daily Hoot with Super Toots :-)
And that’s as much information shared as is needed to progress into Virtual Reality Pro Processing Centres/BaseCyberSpaceStation Node and Mode. And there’s a lot of star space travel charts shared there, too. Enough is Enough for Now.


Casey Evans said...

Please "Super Toots :-)" only when I am not around.
If ya know what I mean :)

Serge C said...

re cc Bank of England -

might be of a "wtf" kind for some who may be many, but definitely "wow!" for yet a few....

what a shxp:// ! (-;

Serge C said...

Free Will 'n' Illogical Irrationality brought to extreme extent as to bringing the personal existence down to extreme is what is being tested and is continuing being tested. In ruins of everything been hold dear, there is still Universe standing in the center of everything, that [still] denies exhausting of the experiment holder, and placing the road signs where they be needed. Sometimes they,re given in a form of alphabeti constellatory cycles.... like those placing themselves in this enigmatic blog.

Some illogical help like bringing free unattended electrons together the way they can form a humble human home... oh, there are times when it's so cold @thisplanet :-)

Serge C said...

corr: 2nd paragraph doesn't cubit.

read: Some illogical help like bringing temporally) unattended particles together the way they can form a humble human home, would be as welcome as a fish for a dolphin... oh, there are times with sometimes so cold @thisplanet

end corr:

amanfromMars said...

Hi, Serge C,

Your thoughts have me enjoying visions of a nice age from a cold stage with icy cages to counterbalance the heated madness from elements frazzled in the sun. A stellar polar bipolar experiment and supplied experience in/from/with Arctic Research Station Environments and Internetional Space Stations ?