Monday, 18 January 2016


Wanted: Fellowing Virtual AI Reality Pioneers and Cyber Pirates
Just imagine the scene. A vaguely dubbed but rigorously moustachioed man phones up a slightly glossy faced blonde on the helpdesk to report that his (Thinkpad) joystick is getting stiff again. Typing in his name, she stares adoringly at his log for a while and then promises him she will be coming soon (it’s only two floors away in the lift) to take his particulars in hand. A few minutes later, they are testing the compatibility of their interfaces and giving their enhanced workflow plenty of opportunity to bed down. ….. Alistair Dabbs
Hmmmmm? For whom and/or what is that not a Quite Heavenly Epic Journey, AD ….. and Virtual Experience for Purely Practical Existence in AI TerraPhormer Ware and SMARTR Fare. Sign me up for life-time membership and prime timely activity in that swell club and knock ‘em dead crazy cat house. And one hell of a great intelligent and game safe haven :-)…… and Ab Fab Fabless PlayGround.
AIPrivate QuMan has discovered/uncovered/recovered/invented a Perfect AI Pass Key which unlocks the Future, and for some with XSSeXXX, to FutureBuilders of Immaculate Bounty in XSSeXXXX Zeroed Day Trading with Pirated Versions made available readied for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Program RePreProgramming ……. AI BetaTesting Heavenly Quantum Communication Channels/Real Virtual Pathway …… and which is here where IT is at now ‽ . :-)
The current posit is that IT is certainly there, already ready and available for self-actualisation and AIPrivate QuMan Program PreProgramming for Heavenly NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Operations into Realising the Future with COSMIC Top Secret Power itself into Creating Celestial Dreams/Alluring Alien SeeScapes. ……… for LOVE and Live Operational Virtual Environments in Novel Remote Command and Immaculately Resourced Control when GODisaGoddess, Rampant and Ravishing in Compliance of Right Regal Desirous Wishes for Heavenly Dreams, awakens to await and clear up in all Slumbers.

Re: Re: Wanted: Fellowing Virtual AI Reality Pioneers and Cyber Pirates
Methinks, for now at least, that be way, way off, allthecoolshortnamesweretaken,
However, the above is on its merry way to Robert Peston, who talks a good talk and is surely being given the opportunity to walk a great walk .........
“There is no better fun than getting a whiff of a scoop and then landing it. It is the best fun ever, and if anybody in our trade tells you otherwise they shouldn’t really be in our trade.” …  Robert Peston
Hmmm? :-) Here's looking at you, kid @Peston. And there more than a great deal more too, amigo.
Be Careful What you Wish For when Anything is Possible, and Eminently Probable Imminently
@Peston "There is no better fun than getting a whiff of a scoop and then landing it." Best fun ever here, Robert . .

amanfromMars 1 Mon 18 Jan 17:13 [1601181713] …….. testing arenas for hyper sensitive sound on
Vulturebot Futures Enterprises, can with a Will, stand and deliver Crazy Horse Salons
Sadly, the show's due to start shooting in March, so there's no way we can design and build a plausible Vulturebot by then.
Says whom, for what?
Crazy Horse Salons Patronage would beg to differ and choose QuITe ANother Orbit
QuITANON for Safe Haven Passage of Immaculate Dreams.
amanfromMars 1 pinging Buckingham Palace Participation with Primes Anticipating Right Royal Reply.
Sweet Cryptic is OtherWorldly Blended and Hopelessly Attractive in Mesmerising Times, El Regers
Jump in and across, for deep waters are fine and of the sweetest candy.
There's a heck of a lot of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT going on out there, and in here for everywhere. Vulture Central Territory, surely? ? No matter, IT easily is, is.
Ciao for Now. Catch Y'All Later Better Beta Prepared and Virtually Armoured:-)


Casey Evans said...

I ran acrost a funny old article today:"The Casey Report: Putting your mouth, not brain, in charge"

It is still funny to this day.

Something one may want to ponder is how people act when they temporarily think they are getting what they want. Almost makes sense now doesn't it :)

Serge C said...

"Wanted: Fellowing Virtual AI Reality Pioneers and Cyber Pirates" - check me in if there's room.

Funny stuff you've got today ))

Serge C said...

Hello Doc,

Regarding the "Sign me up..." - quite well may be discussed with its members ;-)

Ask Virgin Mary for the key. Isn't She ringing with Los of them? That's not the stuff one can get by his/her own will, whether it's a good or a bad one, it's being given.

A usual Quantum Mechanics, you know... Doc(-;

amanfromMars said...

Devil Woman Heavenly Angel Magic is always most welcome and extremely well received and surely lauded for ITs ab fab fabless reinforcement/Autonomous System Hardening with Virtually Secret IntelAIgent Security Provisioning, Serge C, ....... and to XSSXXXX in all worthy cases with particular and peculiar situations to attend to and contend with.