Monday, 7 November 2016


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Of the following can you be certain..... for it is being slowly and surely proven to you.
I don't think the world is ready yet for the first GLBT astronaut president. .... A. Coatsworth
Oh yes it is. :-) . The scripts and plays that mainstream media host and propagate/secure and server are absolutely dire and cause all manner of madness and mayhem in the chaos and worlds presented as realities for you to cope with/support or oppose.
Haven't y'all yet worked out how easily everything is micro/macromanaged with audiovisual control commands/virtually remote power generation and supply/radio pictures and television programming?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mars,
it has been a long time I visited your site. You seem to be very much in awe of your governments covert services, which is of course a patriotic attitude.

As I wrote before, my deep conviction is that Europe as a whole is under threat from the forces of Marxism (and all its offsprings) and Mohammedism. Both share the same idealist claims and brutal commandments. I was once a great fan of Britain and have learned the language of my English brothers to a very good perfection. But now it looks to me as if your nation is blind to the threat posed by her middle east allies.

I am not a completely unreasonable person and would like to diplomatically ask you and your compatriots to consider the following: Please get in touch with your middle east allies and work towards moderation and peaceful solution of the now two or three wars in this region.

I appreciate your nation and my nation have been allied with your middle east allies in order to fight the deceased collectivism in the hilly asian country. We must respect the people whom we had as allies less than 30 years ago in a tense conflict.

But respecting means that we should guide them towards ethics we can find acceptable and to guide them towards peaceful relations.

The flag of Britain includes the ordinary cross and the cross of St. Andrews, but in Syria Christians are slaughtered almost for fun. This must stop and I appreciate that another navy flying the cross of St. Andrews works with mighty force to achieve that. Like the UK royal navy, this navy also traces her roots to the Viking sailors.

Finally let me say Mr Boris Johnson seems to be very well "in the loop" and has taken some very intelligent decisions in the last several years. Also, I see that British communication services are working as intelligently and brilliantly as ever in conveying useful information. Your nation's help is appreciated here.

I hope this request is not considered indecent, even though I know there are very big monies and very powerful interests in play.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

mac... boris johnson's been appointed to a foreign office in 2016...

amanfromMars said...


Methinks to imagine/assume/presume that nations/states/governments rather than private individuals and secret servering interests are in positions of universal ubiquitous leverage with remote anonymous command and virtually autonomous control of the Great Game and IT’s Bigger Advanced IntelAIgent Pictures Shows, is to fail to realise the true nature of the human condition and the ease by which it is directed and programmed to perform both the most basic and more simply complex of multiple tasks.

And whilst I would wholeheartedly endorse and fully support your diplomatic ask, it would not be correct of you to suppose that I am in awe of any government covert services given the current lack of evident success from any of them in Greater IntelAIgent GamesPlays. Disappointingly sub-prime appears to be the best that they have to offer systems administrations.

That does present one with an opportunity though, whenever one is in a position to provide that which is required to supply and maintain unrivalled success in the future which secures the future. Such an opportunity perfectly filled is a catastrophic systemic vulnerability defeated and a Pulsating EMPowering NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Weapons System delivered.

Perhaps you would know of some worthy prospective customers who be also valued friend and clients, HRPA?