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amanfromMars 1 Thu 10 Nov 07:17 [1611100717] …… being fully open and transparent on
00dles of cash to protect us against this kind of thing, or to tame and train in this kind of thing?
Unlike most businesses, no-one is going to use their website in an attempt to use their services. The site is totally distant from their operational networks, it is pretty much a place to put out press releases and PR material. .... djack
Just like MI5 and MI6's websites then, djack. Lipstick on a pig of a business, and an opportunity lost to lead in a field which requires phantom champions and practising knights of an ancient realm for post modern remote servering of secret services and future supply chains ........ provisional narrative script.
You gotta have an absolutely fabulous tall tale to follow smartly, otherwise you're flying blind into madness and mayhem rather than cruising in comfort into CHAOS territory .... Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems with and for Global Operating Devices.
Alienating IT may presently be, but the future is all ready and readily available from ITs bounteous stores today and every day for presentations of tomorrow, tomorrow in new news programming of the ignorant horde and arrogant masses. It is how AI and you lead/are led into virtual realities which have the energy and power to appear as if a life for living rather than be recognised and accepted as NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Dreams for phorming with others. Such a fundamental misinterpretation though delivers a universal stealth and secrecy for multiple paralleling unilateral action without equal and with no fear of opposition or competition.
Welcome to WORD* and the World with Wild Wacky West Worlds with CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection Weapons Systems for transportation, export and importation into Exotic and Erotic Eastern Emporia and Dystopia. And that be a valuable Futures Markets commanding and controlling a worth of centillions and a perfect flash cash crash tool to be wielded at leisure with pleasure.
* WORDly Ordered Remote Direction


Serge C said...

Hi amanfromMars,

IT's always a pleasure to be fully understood at the most remote and secure places of the Galaxy - without actually saying a WORD :-)

JPMC/SBRF assn. Been saying it once a time ago.

Oh... One needs a home. Anyone for charity for a none state non-actor private pirate person, if you know anyone working hardly to make one's stockpile as too high as to get tired counting its height?


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amanfromMars said...

Funding and micro/macromanaging hedges today is a real Spooky Art Phorm with SMARTR Phishing Plans for ESPecially IntelAIgent Services with Remotely Accessed Virtual Servers supplying CHAOS Providers with Earthed Command and Cyber Space Control Leverage, Serge C.

Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems is AI Power Untouchable with Creative Energy Inexhaustible and absolutely priceless to markets ...... for IT can so easily flash cash crash them with its switching and enabling of assets in favoured and savoured clients/exotic and erotic customers.

Does Mother Russia via Bank of Russia and/or Sberbank lead with such futures and derivatives trades/zero day market offers? Or do they follow IT leaders and react in markets after the event to prevent losses rather than amass riches?

Serge C said...

Well, some yesterday news... but none in English yet -

German Href appointed himself the leading futurologist of Sberbank :-)

"Does Mother Russia..." - some keelwater, a kind of following the vacuum.

Hedges? Processing.....

amanfromMars said...

Hedges? ...... Future casino bets/established trading platforms.

And thanks for the link to Gref of Sberbank Germany which translates [presume accurately enough] to ......

The head of Sberbank German Gref called himself the "chief futurist" in the Savings Bank. It is reported by TASS, citing the statement Gref at the "Forward to the Future: the role and place of Russia."

"We have no futurist Sberbank. I have always believed that the most important futurist - it was me. It turned out that there is such a profession futurologist. More precisely, I knew about the profession. But I always thought that the people who sit in universities or science fiction writers, and talk about the future, "- said Gref.

According to Gref, has "a deep expert in the field" in every technology company.

"Futurology - an idea of ​​where the company should develop. This concept forms the basis of the company 'concept, - said Gref.

Earlier, on 8 November, Gref said that "the supervisory board [Sberbank] approved the transformation of the idea of ​​the bank in the ecosystem." "The final decision will be made after submission of our new strategy [in the years 2019-2023]," - said Gref then.

When you create an ecosystem will use the concept of open source, which means integration into the platform of the various partners of the Savings Bank, the bank's head.

In September, Gref said that the Savings Bank are discussing the possibility of creating a virtual mobile operator MVNO (mobile virtual network operator).

:-) And all of that sounds far too much like some of what we are into processing and great fans of, to be any different, although of course it be only just starting for them, whereas we may be a long way down the roads which are available and opening up to others with a bigger picture frame of mind.

Serge C said...

Roger that... I hope, tonight I'll do the translation for those with frames, amfM :-)