Thursday, 24 November 2016


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Well, folks, knowing about how everything works is real fine, but it does then have one asking the question ...... What you gonna do about about it with IT and Media Command and Control, for are not those tools the weapons used to remotely program you and present your future world disorder?
To have no vital, virile, viral answer, other than to meekly accept whatever you be told is being done for your own future good, must surely extraordinarily render one a being virtually impotent and practically useless.
And if you wonder about that be personally offensive, good, for that is a fine enough start which might have one stirring oneself into action and going on the offensive and with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT making a real change virtually impossible to counter and defeat.
Methinks though, and please correct me if I may be wrong, y'all actually want only to just settle down and watch the show as IT Masters do everything relative to the matter for you, because you are in fact quite ignorant of the situation and therefore apathetic to its solution paths.
Sometimes it is so much more exciting, and very encouraging and emboldening, to not be proven more right than it is comfortable to admit it is true.

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Cold War Red Hot APT ACTivIT
That's the way to do it ...... sell off proprietary intellectual property and time and space sensitive know-how to inspirational cash rich aspirants with more sense than to just wonder about how everything works better than just normal and as per usual.
:-) I wonder if Hammond's /the UK's newly reannounced £2billion per annum investment will be able to compete and win win against the Exotic Erotic Eastern Mind Mining Set?

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Anonymous said...

thank you, amanfromMars, but don't place your bet in the said conditions, because no one in the known boundaries of the Verse shall profit from such investment, if that the aforementioned potential [no]one shall [i]invest[/i], but not make an unsolicited gift.... which would serve as a proof of the extreme extend of the absence of formal logic in one's actions considering his views on what shall follow revolvering in one's prayers in C(-;

and - i was just in the worst mood of the day. the unpublished joke appeared to seem too unwilling, and to place it here could look ugly and... OK, choose the synonym.

please see me excusing, I never lied. well, you know.

I feel I do mistakes more often than it is normally required to promote the target appearance. this should not have had been happened. I must take a walk... and take along these multiple "i"-s I have so selflessly down throwing around.