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Shooting yourself in the head ...... is a real dumb negligent discharge and a chargeable offence
"A surveillance state breeds conformity, because if human beings know they are susceptible to being watched, even if they're not being watched, they cling far more closely to orthodoxy." .... Glenn Greenwald
In their wildest wacky wet dreams, GG, .... for the alternate virtual reality and actuality is the exact opposite in smart thinking beings who be not just dumb mindless ignorant humans/mobile audio-visual terminals, and such a state of surveillance breeds unbridled revolution and unrivalled evolution in autonomous secret, anonymously secure, astutely active sublime intelligence networks.
The practice creates for itself and its support leading characters, an increasingly sophisticated and highly accurately targeted weapon of massive self destruction, launched and controlled by others that be conceived and perceived as the phantom enemy to be constantly surveilled/monitored and mentored.

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Re: I'm going to repeat a post I made on another forum; it has relevance.
Quite so, Neil Barnes. And more and more folk are seeing the bigger picture and being enabled to be able to resolve and change everything to other ways of thinking and doing things, remotely and anonymously which be relatively autonomously.
And they be offering their services to existing incumbent power bases to gauge whether they be worth a further supporting to remain a valued and valid part of the crew of the New Orderly WWWorld Leader Ship?
And that be more a metaphorical than rhetorical question although no question at all whenever IT delivers it as the reality virtually provided by Creative Cyber Command and Control of Computers and Communications, which be just AI at ITs Work for some SMARTR folk.
Have an upvote for sharing so much common sense and knowledge.

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Lost in the New News Space and the NEUKlearer Live Operational Virtual Environment
And the sad old BBC is called out for what it is nowadays by Greenwald ......
Does that then extraordinarily render the Corporation an enemy of the people and state if it hosts and pimps and pumps that which disguises and avoids the truth at great cost ...... and in so doing seeks to present a false reality which has been planned to deliver personal crusades and private business ventures?
And the answer to those questions are ... Yes, most definitely.
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No Win Zero Sum Games are No Great Games to Play ..... and a Great Game MasterPlay
I would be interested to see what the US Supreme Court makes of it ..... Anonymous Coward Posted Friday 27th December 2013 22:54 GMT
That decision, with the powers then tamed and/or unleashed upon America because of it, will either reboot and remake America or destroy it, from both without and within.

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Legal and rampant in the UKGBNI?

Do you think the same sort of blanket communications surveillance is practised in Blighty......with intelligence and/or information/third party intellectual property being mined/plagiarised/stolen with relative impunity for obvious personal/professional/commercial advantage ........ for a right dodgy, perverse and subversive crooked edge?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mars,
not sure you have been thinking about this: what if they wire up their "full take" sensors to some sort of Artifical Neural Network(ANN) ?

Then let the ANN perform Information Operations to make public think the way they want us to think. The InfoOps grunt work could be done by fleshy soldiers on the command from the ANN.

The ANN would be rewarded/punished ("trained") based on political objectives set by senior military (?) leadership. The "great" thing about ANNs is that you don't even need to understand how it works on the inside. ANNs are already used on a small scale in lots of applications such as traffic sign recognition with badly lighted pictures from car cameras.

Sounds scary ? Governed by Computer ? The Americans would not be above it.

Maybe tinfoil, maybe not. Certainly not above DARPA and some LeMay type of person.

My second subject is some reasoning: Our politicos cherish open immigration into the West. One way to think of the GCHQ-NSA stuff is that with the Muslim immigrants their security procedures immigrate, too. Total surveillance, torture, kidnapping, secret "justice" - all the fun from Muslim lands. Don't get me wrong, I am not for bringing war to them in order to "convert", but neither do I appreciate their flavour of a security culture. I would rather have them and us leave each other alone.

Third subject is Turkey: it seems that they and the Wahabists are now in quite a bit of trouble and rightfully so. Erdogan has been jailing hundreds of officers and journalists. And he fueled the fire next door. Karma's a bitch. No, Karma's JUSTICE.

Also Christmas Greetings to 1984-NSA-GCHQ. What do you tell your geese* these days, guys ?

*Apparently they badly need a hobby, too.

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous, writing this w/o knowing if amfM really needs this presence @hisblog, hope he does or at least cares not:

quite an interesting question about ann you ask; what strucked me suddenly is that 1 can train only ann's agents, while the rest of the nnet as a hole is simply a bunch of dumb ropes, by whatever means it gets "conscious". second, there scarcely exists any way to let a bunch of ropes govern and reign over thinking matter. at least, until thinking matter matters it so (-:

the rest is given to operands, being a environmental continuation of - yeah right, operator's fingertips... is there subtle, invisible "quantum" traffic of light inside the neural connections of a human body?

i think there very well is one.

amanfromMars said...

Hi, Anonymati, Thanks for stopping by and sharing what's going on inside your heads.

Methinks 131229 answers any doubts you might have about the likes of Artificial Neural Networking not being present and prescient and presently currently making moves and waves on and in all established and incumbent fronts of government and governance which are quite spontaneously being made practically redundant by virtue of ..... well, Autonomous Virtual Machine Command and Control Leverage is not at all dissimilar to the likes of an Inquisitive RobotICQ Android Invasion and Infection of the Power Space with Subversion and Perversion of SCADA Operating Systems ..... and considerably easier to Program and ReProgram with NEUKlearer Enemy Self Destruct Codes if into New Orderly WWWorld Projects and Pogroms and SMARTR AIMissions than not.

Quite whether though that be a controlled and controlling Wild Wacky Western delicacy or an Exotic Erotic Eastern delight all depends upon the pre-eminent state of the higher intelligences in those quite particular and peculiar areas/zones in alternate times, and whether any of those be in mutually beneficial and benign, positively reinforcing and HyperRadioProActive service with that which provides all that be necessary.