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Of Mind Games and Mined Games, is Power Command and Fiat Control an Explosive Intelligence Asset?
Regarding supposed security and encryption for any sort of virtual communication, beware the bearer of gifts, for nothing is as it seems and privacy and secrecy are surely a myth ……..
:-) The abiding enduring problem though for all and any into maintaining and retaining power in a status quo position, is in fully clearly understanding what one may be intercepting and/or reading/listening to …… which then leads to the dilemma of whether one is able to do anything effective against what one may have learned, or even if one should, for one could always choose to support what one may have discovered …. or thought one had discovered, if there be an effective enough security surrounding something novel and creative and/or sublimely disruptive, and it just be the truth exposing a perverse and corrupt system/executive administration/command and control methodology.
Truth is unassailable and unbeatable, and to conceal it reveals one to be surely intellectually challenged and in many certain cases to be a person of interest to terrify and even terrorise, if one be thought worthy of such attention, for spinning false tales and dodgy trails indicates a rabid disregard for all but oneself and a few close friends, does it not? And that is not cricket, old bean, is it?

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Casey Evans said...

RE:"The light is coupled to the electron, and its path will therefore follow the path of the nanowire"

If that is true why is it supposedly impossible to bend light to create a light sabre?

So you take gamma radiation, emit using great enough amperage to create the gamma bubble approx 2-3 feet in size, then use a strong fluctuation set of magnetic fields to shape it into a beam rather than a bubble.

And here i thought this would create a light sabre...

And if that is not good enough, to make the sabre deadly you can alternate voltages to emit gamma of different wavelengths to effect matter at different energy levels.

And there you have it, a real working light sabre.

Maybe I watch too many movies, maybe not.