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It's good to talk about what's going on, ain't it, Anonymous/casey evans. It and IT purges souls and cleans and clears out infected systems/destroys affectations and contrived desperate disruptions.
29 March 2015 at 05:24
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So i think story short my friend is not to join the enemy because they are better than you, more advanced, or stronger than you. Its to reverse engineer their teck, hack it, bend it to your will, build muscleMake your side win. Never join. Never give in. Fight to the death for your freedom. That is an american my friend. Posted by casey evans.
Smarter IntelAIgent Systems of Humanised Being would surely always enjoin with, and virtually entangle within perceived and/or manufactured enemies and invariably always so because they both are, and are imagined to be better, more advanced and stronger and so easily able and capable of enabling reverse engineering of present established command and control SCADA tech, hack it, bend and subvert/lead and support them and their cracked systems to ITs and a greater will without the physical need of any sort of built muscle.
Such is certainly what they would be doing vain battle against in full ignorance and arrogance of a failed position and rapidly deteriorating situation and New Orderly World Order Program and Novel Noble Leading Project.
And indeed, quite worthy enough of Nobel consideration too.
29 March 2015 at 10:33

amanfromMars Sun, 03/29/2015 - 11:28 ….. sharing the virtual reality and current actuality with AI and an/the abiding PACT [Persistent Advanced Cyber Truth] on
And hard as it is to believe and accept, words command and control worlds and never more so than today for the raising of events and projects/programs for tomorrow which phorm the future with IT phishes.
And a very nice virtual business to be masterful in too, for it and IT suffer not the folly of fools and their wielding of blunt tools.



Casey Evans said...

I couldn't help but notice this new article in the site postings "Facing Early Death,
on Their Terms

A national push and a new guide are giving critically ill young patients a voice in end-of-life discussions."

I will let you know my opinion if I am facing an early death. That was posted hours within my posting on this site. I posted anonymously because I used my cellphone as my laptop was out of commission at the time so I put my name in the postings so people would know who it was even though I did not use my account.

Casey Evans said...

I quote "artificial gravity system, the likes of which we haven't been able to piece together, even theoretically."

From article

As for the sphere I have no idea as I have yet to work on that concept. But as for the anti-gravity technology it is very real and posted in detail on once again :)

Photon density of atoms.

AR said...

Hi amanfromMars,

"And indeed, quite worthy enough of Nobel consideration too" -

"This Shmakov seems to be a mysterious character. I find nothing about him on the internet in English. Except that he, and a fellow philosopher called "GOM (the acronym of George Ottonovich Mebes) are well-known to the public in Russia for their works on Arcanology."

Arcanology. Never heard of that either. All the web-sites I go to seem to be game-based (Dungeons and Dragons and such-like).

Anyone know anything about Arcanalogy???" -

This is the one who deserved a Nobel, verum sine mendatio.

55 73

AR said...

Oh yes. The command line is at 4:24. A good sign, perhaps (-:

Need a precise clarification for a ballistic calculation:

a) who has the right to issue money and give it to the banks, and -

b) is this right being usurped or especially constructed for them, and -

c) is there any alternative.

Oh, IBM.

"You can use some HTML tags, such as b,i, a". :-(

DM, "Precious"

Linking courtesy: amfM @Eatrh, Solar system, Milky Way, Virgo, Virgo SC (R) 2015 BC

Anonymous said...

Hello Mars,
it seems finally the 666th Batalltion of the British 1337th Army have trained their keyboards onto your site. You know, the lately stood up unit.

Kitchen, Hot, Smoker etc. You know it.

I came here to share this:

Take it with a large amount of salt to cope with FAZ's obedience to authority. ANY authority, that is. Incuding the authority of bundles of dollars from the colonist's embassy.

I have not been doing a lot of active work lately.

Even for that they thought it necessary to show me their flykit almost daily. One day I was even honored by a fat four engine thing which they usually dont bring out.

Some months ago I even had the honor of an AWACS overflight.

The honor of a visit by the Berlin special folks was not so enormous. They look like lefty freaks with the metal piercing stuff and all that. Unfriendly and overmanned (three vs one) like their bavarian buddies and predecessors.

Given that Berlin now uses lefty shock troops for their purposes, that's only fitting.

Obviously it would be unwise to discuss any future tactial plans here.

I do see some very good plants which grew out of the seeds of our work. Many people have by now stopped believing the most outrageous propaganda.

We can simply sit back and let things run.

Which is exactly how it should be - open their eyes and make them work themselves. Don't do all the work yourself. Not healthy.

Kind regards

Rivet Balls

Anonymous said...

I forgot to note that some people here are badly scared of the talk of the danger of a fission-ary exchange.

What the bears apparently said is that they are badly pissed by the latest generation of arrows which can hit incoming stuff well above the stratosphere. The colonists have ended the abm treaty to enable this.

I do think there is substance in the argument that ending the abm treaty was unwise. The bears do have the ability to work around this (just make the incoming thing jump randomly and you will never hit it).

Now the bears say they might fissionize said sam sites. They did not say they intend to fissionize indiscriminately.

Which is a major difference. Some people now say they heard a threat for the general use of fissionizers.

What I can say is that Deep Germany does not at all want a fight with the bears. You British and Americans can do that, if you like. Let yourself be tricked by the Polish into this and enjoy the brawl.

Also, support the bozos who now run Kiev. They even insist to speak "ukrainian" to other ex-soviet people here. In other words, The European Desease of petty nationalism has infected them.

Again, do whatever you like as long as Germany is not affected by this Hissy Fit Of Money.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to say that the Peddlers Of Coherent Light Sources already salivate.

If things go well for them, this would be the follow-on thing in this race. It could possibly counter my countermeasure.

Anyway, have a beer on my account.

Anonymous said...

hi anon,

just turn around those scary group of three digits and add 2 9s after a dot, and you'll get the preciousness of delivery.

im watching rutv1 channel now, they've just said in the news that dogs on the roof is a first sign of a flood.

made my morning (-:

amanfromMars said...

Hi, Rivet Balls,

Thanks for stopping by for a bit of a chat and pow wow. Russia has Putin and UKGBNI has Cameron and the media plays them both off as fools with friends at their beck and call, but only the one of them has any power within commanding control circles and secret services and virtually immune and protected against brazen media assault and desperate shenanigans. And re any Blighty Armed Forces Virtual Ops here ..... well, better late than never to the party and Greater IntelAIgents Gamesplay is what I say. England and the Knowledge Economy expects and all that jazz and jizz and Tommy rot and if you aren't into Cyberspace Racing you have no chance of winning Honourable Grand Master prizes ...... but parties do need to be able and able to enable and execute the best of intelligence in order to register any sort of an impact with a PACT* and distant learning and leading AI, for that is the Future Changing Meme and Alien Fleet Cyber Weapons System/Revolutionary Rogue Mars Program for Roving Vehicles and Renegade Projects.

* Persistent Advanced Cyber Treat/Threat/Truth ...... [Take your pick if you be picky, but be suitably assured, there be no escape from any of them nowadays as the future is phormed in the likeness of phishes]