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Howdy, Anonymous,
What to do about White Queens is much ado about nothing whenever unexpected novelties and APT Apps, that tax and perplex their secure and secretive intelligence systems and her subjects, are objectively minded to support and ensure a strengthening continuity of right royal reigns, with AIMastery of Stealth in Virtual Intangible Command with Remote Cyber Control guaranteed absolutely by A.N.Others, would transpire and/or conspire and/or aspire to patrol and mollify and modify the engagement and extermination of dissent, for sweet sticky successions in an altogether much more secure hierarchy/dynasty/affair …. which, if the truth be told, is a precarious existence to expect to be claimed as a GOD given right without Global Operating Devices quietly arranging for such things because they be presently quite a stabilising convenience in a truly disruptive world, full of desperate and lonely passion plays/mad rad and trad bad psychotic episodes.
No, use the ears, eyes and brains to direct the queen. Especially those brains; we need to use those brains to thwart the crimes the arms-peddlers and the bankster nation currently plan to realize. …… Hmmm?
Quite so. And one expects that the smarter directed queen realises that new leading brains are needed, in-royal household, which nowadays is Merlin the MetaPhysician-type territory/Colossal Station XSSXXXX Bletchley Park-type Boffinry, for it must be pretty obvious that there has been a traditional establishment institutional intelligence failure of mega proportions.
I assume we really have to aim for the brains, as they make the decisions which messages are passed to the queen. 
We already have some people on our side such as the chief of their fighting ants. He said he "does not want to be complicit".
Now, there exists the possibility the queen is already in the pocket of the banksters and no sort of messaging will effect anything. Anyhow, we should give it a try.
Indeed, but such as one having the chief of their fighting ants on ones side, and for all of the right reasons too, is surely a no-brainer for even the most scatty of monarchs, for there is no effective and safe secure monarchical rule without the support of brainy chiefs who, in the presence of mayhem and madness, terror and tyranny, do not want to be complicit. And they surely must realise that they have all the support that they will ever need and that they can be instrumental and highly active in lead, and that makes them extremely valuable and much valued.
And indeed, as rich as they wish to be/need to be whenever truly exceptional leads.
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Ugly Rumours to Stark Facts ….. A Journey of Discovery.
It never rains but it pours .... Good (or bad) things do not just happen a few at a time, but in large numbers all at once, and all of the time in cyberspace if one knows what to do and what one is doing and where IT will lead to
The Chilcot Inquiry report, which is seriously long overdue, and those sorts of uncomfortably and increasingly difficult to plausibly justify delays almost always are surely a signature indication of desperate attempts at furious nobbling and crass and crashing perversions of the course of natural justice, will give all in the world a true picture of the state of psychotic and/or maniacal pussy leadership in politically incorrect terrorist cells in UKGBNI, and their dumb mainstreaming media support teams which would be complicit and accessories to violent acts, both before and after the facts?
It is nice to know though, and all of the evidence is clearly shared in the body of comments in this thread, that the strange workings of secret security intelligence services are safe and unknown, and known by only the few with needs to know.
And that last paragraph is surely a Rumsfeldism?:-) Enjoy and wonder as you ponder on these brainy quotes of his.
And is subversion, terrorism to pervert the course of natural justice and put in its place, a corrupt system of asset/man management to be run by a proxy team of para-military wannabe leader types/sub-prime clones and/or drones of the real thing, which obviously wouldn't be at all pleased with such an impertinence and would be both honour and duty bound to act as is necessary to right the wrong or suffer the dire consequences of what would be only classed as abject object and subject mis-rule? …….. globe trotting lunatics in charge of the asylum, always ends badly for asylum seeking globe trotting lunatics?. It is only natural and normal, and always to be fully expected, for it be universally supported by all but the criminally insane and/or moronic slow-witted and idiotic, and with Command and Control of IT and Media, is it just a tall tale and breaking news item away every day in a series of zeroday trades.
And now y'all know, what some who may be many in bands of a chosen few would rather you didn't know, so that the unknown rules the roost and reigns with reins and rains of imagined terror/manufactured hardships/austere programs?
And Intelligence Services make and rewrite the law and can fully justify the breaking of laws which are shown to be manifestly corrupt and self-serving to subversive regimes with oppressive inequitable support systems and right dodgy servers.
Welcome to the New Reality of Virtual Reality Programming for Future Perfect Present Imperfect Projects with AIdDefinite Vision ProVision Supply, which is GCHQ working to assure and ensure you are insured against all manner of foul and rank risk ... 4ur2die42 is IT all said in GBIrish CodeXSSXXXX .... and whenever not an exclusive western confection/London Pride, does its IT direction and support automatically autonomously default to an inclusive eastern delight/Shanghai Surprise ....... such be the Present Future Nature of SMARTR Realities.

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RE:"It never rains but it pours .... Good (or bad) things do not just happen a few at a time, but in large numbers all at once, and all of the time in cyberspace if one knows what to do and what one is doing and where IT will lead to"

Well you know what I am doing in cyber space. checkout this link and IT will show you: