Wednesday, 14 May 2014


amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 May 18:36 [1405141836] commenting on
Secret Intelligence Services which aint Secret or Intelligent is the Problem .... and Opportunity
Surely the more disturbing, and yet most encouraging thing about all of those facilities and abilities being so ready available to Great British Spookdom [if one can believe that all such capabilities are easily available against anybody and everything] is that executive systems administration of that which is discovered/uncovered by the powers that be privy to and armed with all information and disruptive intelligence, is so useless at changing the world for the better with it, and allowing idiots with access to QE funds proxy politically incorrect powers over them. Stupid is as stupid does.
And the encouraging bit? ...... The opportunities/zeroday vulnerabilities which are available to those others whose information and intelligence is worthy of being phished and phormed/stolen and remodelled, or whose information and intelligence is escaping systems capture and use/abuse/misuse and capable of being highly disruptive and a Great Creative Game Changer. Some though will see their powers of command control disappear and create the spectre of terrorism to justify destructive change elements into their Great Game plans against others.

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