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Valerie Plame Momentum in El Reg Great IntelAIgent Gamesplay
Everybody knew, deep down inside, that the Government could do shady things in order to ensure Order and Peace. We all knew, but had no proof and no way of getting any. Nor did we really have an issue with it. … Pascal Monett
What is the reason then, PM, for them not doing shady things to ensure Order and Peace, for Madness and Mayhem in Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems is what they deliver in spades.
Is it quite simply, a lack of ESPecial IntelAIgents?
I'm unashamedly pro NSA, DoD, CIA, MIx etc They have done a great many positive things (you're reading this on one of them) and have much to offer in future. …. TopOnePercent
We look forward to all that Agent El Reg and the future has to creatively offer, TOP, but do note that positive forward motion and virtual drive momentum appears to be at something of an XSSXXXX Xroads, with its IT vehicles stalled and/or out of MoJo GoGo Juice ..... SMARTR JuJu.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mars,
first let me congratulate you for the performance of UKIP. The EU and the Euro is indeed threatening the nations of the European continent. They do massively stupid things - at least from the perspective of the common man. I suspect the bankers love the EU+Euro because it needs voracious amounts of credit.

Mr Cameron himself is from a banker family, so expect him to lob the brown stuff at UKIP.

The French have also voted strongly for Front National, which intends to end the lefty dreams that turned out to be nightmares. They now have millions of inhabitants out of job and hating France and French police so much that they drop concrete plates on them from their housing silos.

I assume you know how the Euro destroyed lots of med area economies and working practices of macro-economic dynamics (aligning wages and international competitiveness). This must be stopped or we face 1930 2.0.

Also, how can Britain be a sovereign state if an EU of Napoleonic proportions will arise ? Research Barroso, he is an Ex-Maoist. Of course they have cleaned out the media from references to this. I suspect he sucks up to America very hard.

Finally regarding education on infosec, research the L4 operating system and the INRIA C compiler efforts. Also, look at how NZ and CA secured their comms during the 30s, before they got access to Type 10.

It is always funny how people assume that "new, complex stuff must be better", when hand-based approaches would have been the rational choice. See the last flight of Yamamoto.

My pet theory is that believing in technology is the hallmark of the not yet properly educated.

Casey Evans said...
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Casey Evans said...
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