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At around the 08:00 mark in that video interview, does Ambrose Evan-Pritchard turn into a misguided/guiding MI6 missile? ’Tis such a shame whenever intelligence is so evidently limited and apparently blinkered if not beautifully targetted and pin-point accurate.
He says everything right at the start though ....... Nothing has been changed to introduce change since the last ongoing escalating crash of 2007/2008. Heads buried in the sand is a strange default to adopt whenever collapse is the mechanism of competition and anonymous virtual opposition to failed status quo fiat capitalist captured state control for command.



Casey Evans said...
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Casey Evans said...
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Anonymous said...

I dont get the guided missile thing; do you mean Mk1 Eyeball ?

What the guy has to say makes sense to a large degree. I do not think that China will have the difficulties he imagines, though.

Companies like Huawei and ZTE already ship R&D-heavy products and have eliminated more than one big western competitor. Cisco will be next if they are not very alert. China is in many ways a first-world economy by now.

Regarding Russia and China, these two are complementary: Russia has some leading-edge weapons while China has leading-edge manufacturing scale and efficiency. Both need each other to defend themselves against the Aircraft Carrier Nation, which effectively commands an empire larger than the British one ever was. Seoul to Talinn, effectively.

On a larger scale, China and Russia need the rest of the world, including the Anglosaxons and their vasalls. Both of their economies need integration with the west. Just think of the value chain of the modern smartphones. Think of how Russia sells raw materials and receives lots of complex products from the destinations of the raw materials.

That means that all changes will be incremental. China is not helped by their customers imploding. Actually, they will probably have a keen interest on the proper functioning of the U.S. finance system. It is logical to assume they will use carrot and stick on America to ensure the Americans dont mess up too badly.

And Russia, they are very weak in several ways and that is only masked by Ukraine being and order of maginuted more weaker.

Europe has serious brain cancer which translates into muscle inaction.

Looks like a sanatorium to me. Everybody needs to nurse everybody else and the patients discuss who should be the nurse. No doctors have been spotted for several years now.