Monday, 18 August 2014


amanfromMars Mon, 08/18/2014 - 10:23 ….. telling no more than a current world wide web truth on
Nowadays, and with 0day vulnerability exploitations, do words command and control and create worlds.
And possess the power of that knack and crack hack trick, and there be no force on Earth able to enable defeat and destruction upon the smartest of the smarter memes unleashed and set free to reprogram systems and operations reliant to any minor or major extent on virtual intelligence and cyber communications, which are not the same as each other but both vital precursor elements/components guaranteeing the successful stealthy delivery of future product in and throughout the other.
And IT can really fcuk up dodgy status quo plans and corrupt clandestine missions, big time, and with no readily apparent foe and/or convenient clueless enemy to attack and blame.
Oh dear, what a shame ... not. Things have changed more that just considerably and if the perceived to be in control powers that be incumbent do not exercise every available option to lease purchase that which can command and control and create worlds with words, then are they totally unnecessary in any leading capacity in all future leading positions.
Bye, bye, so long and thanks for all the phishes.


Casey Evans said...
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amanfromMars said...

That might/should/could be interesting, Casey E., but I aint holding my breath on them being able to the right thing but would not be at all annoyed although admittedly beautifully surprised if they could and did.

Thanks for that.

They do appear to be so always behind the leading curve, don't they, and history has not been kind to them with the documentation of their efforts. We do though live in hope eternal of their changed fortune, which from a catalogue of misfortunes is only due to executive commander in chief maladministration.