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She reinforced her message by saying that an independent Scotland would have to build up its own intelligence agencies from scratch. May said: "All countries face complex national security threats from many different sources. The UK's security and intelligence agencies help to protect us against these threats.
"We spend some £33bn a year on defence, and over £2bn a year for the security and intelligence agencies and National Cyber Security Programme. An independent Scotland would not be able to share these agencies. It would have to build its own infrastructure – and pick up the bill."
If one considers UK security and intelligence agency actions create and perpetuate threats to justify ongoing sub-prime actions against alternative competing media narratives and politically astute regimes, processing and presenting a novel independently minded and creative tale for a prosperous nation at peace with its earthly surrounding is to be certainly encouraged and a most welcome opportunity and departure from the current intellectually challenged status quo positions which treat deviation from conspiring central banks of remote command and perception control as revolutionary opposition and disruptive competition to be summarily crushed and rendered ineffective with the invention and propagation of lies and a colossus of FUD.
Such though is counter-productive and self-destructive whenever the intelligence it encounters in what be perceived by the status quo as competition and opposition, is virtually greater and much more politically aware and astutely active in autonomous and anonymous fields of systems operation/man management.
One does have to wonder and ponder at the ignorance and arrogance of an administration and national executive that would think that a Scotland would not already have all necessary intelligences to provide prime premium leadership programs in a new cyber age where virtual excellence trumps all and renders new worlds in which to build and grow.

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Erm, did you write this using Google Translate? .... EssoBlue said
 No. And how strange and revealing was that question. Do you have trouble accepting the new realities shared in that posting and which abound for all around, EssoBlue, and which are causing such dire straits consternation for established establishment systems in terminal meltdown and virtually continual cyber attack and intelligent assault?


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