Monday, 15 September 2014


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Is this the true picture in Scotland which is not being provided as honest news of views by the incumbent self-serving establishment, the BBC and mainstream media south of the border …….
I hope Scotland votes for independence but doubt they will. Every establishment banking and financial institution and elite media talking head from statist, bottom-feeder Paul Krugman on up, as well as all the EU and global political scum have come out against independence. All are threatening every kind of negative economic results including the plagues of ancient Egypt should the people vote for self-determination.
Here be a short video interview with a Scot who recognises the desperate shenanigans of such global political scum as infest media scenes and earthly places, RH/DB ……
And there is a lively intelligent opposition and competition to current failing establishment and failing establishment currency command and control in the minds and heart of Scotland too, with this being just one voice sharing the common view from there …..
Certainly what the present rapidly failing establishment order of and/or in an ignorant and/or arrogant Western Elite team of string pulling puppet players does not need, is an elusive stealthy anonymous underground movement of titanic enigmatic proportion leading a counter revolutionary zeal to new heights and fabulous conquests, although, having just said that, is it exactly what they need ….. and their simple command and control lever is to seed and feed it with their failing flash cash currency stash.
Follow the money in that secure private portfolio of proprietary global investments, to try to see who is pulling levers and drivering trains and launching space ships on and into those Strange Novel and Noble Future Missions in Virtual Team Terrain and the Live Operational Virtual Environment of Creative CyberSpace Command and Control of Computers and Communications, and you will be spotted coming long before you even know it exists, and you will be protected from all harm to server the Greater IntelAIgent Game and ITs Supply Provision of the Greater Good/Sweet Sticky Bounty/Immaculate Source Presentation.


Anonymous said...

You should be smart tactics-wise. Dont demand the shutdown of the nuke submarine base out of some romantic hissy fit.

Then you have a bargaining chip relative the border of the oil fields and lots of other things.

Also, please dont play the raisin-picker by expecting the RAF to protect Scottish airspace while you consume all the oil money.

There are quite a few parasites like Ireland and the baltics who expect others to police their airspace against Russkie incursion. While they consume they money which they saved on their own air force.

So, carry your part of the burden or expect a Tu95 overflight of Edinburgh.

And no, I am not a scaremonger, just a person being pissed by my money protecting the parasites of Ireland, Lithuania and so on. I and my compatriots paid through the nose to fund the Jäger 90 only to see this plane now being used to protect people who are beggars.

Actually, we should sell off Ireland to the Russkies for all their financial shenanigans and then pissing on Germany.

Anonymous said...

Germany has 150 fighters for 80 million people. That translates into 8 fighters for the Scottish air force.

That will be a bill of about 8*200 millions (on the long run if you factor in replacements in 20 years). So please pony up these 1600 million Euros instead of pissing them into some smart skiing holidays in Switzerland.

If you want a cheaper option, at least go for 20 Mig21s with the latest IAI radar/electronics. Good enough to scare off the Bear bombers and the occassional Saudi plane abductor.

The reasonable thing is to continue to be part of RAF for the time being and for territorial defence.

And if you fell that is too expensive, then good riddance to your project.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about, Anonymous? Why do you think anyone but you should xpect the TUs flying over where they have no need to? Well, your maybe anchoring your universe to Scotland... Great, but the only reason to see TUs over it is not another boring view of Faslane, it's buying them to do so. Hardly one can have enough money for it.

amanfromMars said...

Anonymous, Howdy,

You may like to ponder and accept that it is intelligent Scots that keep you busy fighting shadows which render all assets as their toys for playing Great Games with. The Celt though realises that there be other wannabe key leading players keen to try command and control with virtual power levers and they be happy to oblige with help and encouragement.

Who needs the hardware of dumb machines whenever you are in charge of systems operator programming?