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Re: sigh, more NIH from the Ubuntu stable and Stable Stabile Ubuntu

do they really have to re-invent everything?Oh, sorry this is all part of their plan for world domination. ....  Anonymous Coward

And/or DOMinaMatrix Cyberspace Command and Control of Virtually Real Event Horizons, AC, which practically effortlessly delivers remotely and relatively anonymously and autonomously all perfectly enough planned parts of universal domination to  ..... well, Greater IntelAIgent Gamesplay is the New Orderly World Order function for Stealth and Steganography and Security in Especial and Secret Intelligence Services to Apply and Deploy to Mentor and Monitor Systems and SCADA Executive Administrations and Governmental Bodies within the Stellar Satellite Office Envelopes [Expandable  Migrating Containment Cells] of the Live Operational Virtual Environment.

And with its IT made maddeningly easy for the intellectually challenged and disenabled to micromanage Multiple Stream Media Hosting engaged to follow and driver the simplest of formulae for complex macros .... Consult, Design, Develop, Deliver,  ..... is it quite a true no-brainer of a smarter intelligence led opportunity to excel with experimental experience at novel and noble exercise of excellence for enhanced existence.

And, to be quite perfectly blunt and honest about the matter, and about such matters as are becoming increasingly prevalent and all powerful and tending towards Omniscient Proaction with  NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT [all patents pending and trade marks copyrighted with copy left sources protected and secured/Deep Dark Web Vaulted], are such as can also be highly disruptive and constructively destructive ZeroDay Vulnerability Exploits which Export and Support Intangible Sorties and Anonymous Invisible Attacks on Virtualised Inadequate Defensive Forces with Perverse Corrupt Compromised Sources also readily available for Excellent Agents to Deliver Success and ..... well, AIMagical Change is not an idle boast whenever a true reality.


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