Saturday, 29 November 2014


Take a Wild Wacky Walk and Run with Exotic Erotic Encounters …. with Dark Web Ventures and Black Watch Enterprises in Global Operating Devices guaranteeing Safe and Secure Delivery of Future FailSafe Content Reality via Remote Control and Virtual Command of Creative CyberSpace and Computers Communicating  …….. and via Chips and Chaps and Chicks Chittering and Chatting. No Mean Alien Memes there to Generate Madness and Mayhem in the Space and Place of Perfect Peace and Surreal CHAOS ….. Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems, although that is not to say that such an Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Defence and Crazy Attack Force for Conflict and Confusion, Terror and Personal Enrichment is not also readily available from Stored Stock and Advanced AIResearch and digital Development Facilities/Utilities.

In England they are testing a new payroll check system where companies submit your pay to the tax office and after deducting the required taxes your check is re-issued to you from the government. This puts all money generated by labor into government coffers for some limited time period allowing, if they then create a Social Security stock trading fund, the government to hire Goldman Sachs to flip said monies in the market for said period of limited time and potentially generate, or lose, serious amounts of general revenues for Congress.
They intend right now to turn our government into a wall street bank. ..... David Mowers
Methinks then would that be considered just cause to celebrate with a French style revolution which didn't end at all well for the rich and infamous, DM. And this time would it be no better and much worse for such as be fools have much smarter beings confronting them everywhere nowadays.
Can idiots who be also great fools on a series of follies not learn from the error of their ways, or are they always to be vanquished with virile and viral violence which cares not for dumb ignorant arrogant prisoners who should have known better than to sell themselves as servants and masters of greed and trash feeds with rotten seeds.


Casey Evans said...
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Anonymous said...

Sseven mmeellion views just for a day!

Congratulations to the team. Surreal. I think Agent Weebley would like it, because it's his Fav #.

Nice. Wanted to say I yet see no opportunity to make it to 2015, wanted also to peel thoroughly a tear and post something prismic like "Time", but that's what it turned out to be.

Hi, Casey. Please agree or disagree that for persons with P/paranoia it would be better to play from 0:07 (-:

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Casey Evans said...
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Anonymous said...

Is that you inventing the headlines for the papers and pages you cite? Great job, but isn't it supposed normally that there must have been an indefinite article put before the "Dangerous game"?

Governments... What are they in comparison to the magnificence of the Universe? , Floyds, "US AND THEM". Lyrics applied.

Casey Evans said...
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Anonymous said...

BI is an overJSed news-rewriting site, though it was amongst my bookmarks once. As it says, the original was first placed in an educational subset at .

There is one more way to be patriotic, remember Hitlerism. Fear for one's life is a driver of this kind of loyalty. One can never win with this strategically, but may expect the support from the enemies of - not state as it is, but of the people's freedom for the simpliest of the aims - getting infamously rich. Getting well is not taken into account, and this is a fatal error, because being not well leads one not there where one wants to be, and it never will. Though, it's a problem of most of the modern politics.

As I can see from my agent's reports (-: Russian restaurants are, at the very best, half full of wisitors. A couple of years ago those with good kitchen were having to use a prepaid pre-ordering WED-SUN. Less money in circulation and overcrediting in Russia are what the education sites should inform their students. This, as agents report, worries Russians much more than imaginary secondary states of mind, oversecuritism or facts of temporary unjustice in foreign economical relations.

But do you know where it all stops before the main problem? It's the archives of US GOV, which aren't going to be disclosed. Talk about the Hitlerists and their poisoned seed on full duty, moving from underground to respectable society. And we are thinking it's a problem of "Muslim terrorism", police and army cruelty, etc.

They act as representatives of different states, though it's a clandestine and counter-human activity. Their energy and willing to overturn the Earth in their rabid revenge are used by the unwell and corrupted circles to corrupt others who are poor in mind and empty in purse, thinking that they serve a foreign entity. Fools are they. Now they develop their GameOver time in good old Europe.

They were just waiting for all Veterans of World War II to die. And it's possibly time for us, US and THEM to get with our own team. Unluckily, it isn't something that is ready to converse into their articles.

Anonymous said...

@Casey Evans: Once Upon A Time, I also took the stuff I read in Western Media somewhat literally.
But being a bit older and more experienced now, I can see how much manipulation is going on.
I also learned quite a few Russians in person, and they are mostly NOT as described in our media. Many of them have an excellent education and actually perceive us Westerners as somewhat rude, primitive, uneducated people.
Then I read the book of Richard Tomlinson (former SIS officer) and even though Mr Tomlinson obviously has been kind of naive, he nevertheless OPENED MY EYES.

Combined with my own experience with the Dark and not-so-dark Government world, this has made me very cynical with our own media.

The internet itself sometimes reveals stunning stuff like "Giant Lance" and when you talk to our own military about this, they will simply brush it off "the Russians did this too".

I also learned quite a bit about the Russians this way or another and some of the descriptions of Russia are partially correct.

BUT - you should never assume Russians are the same naive bunch of gullible, naive people the Germanics (that includes Anglosaxons) are.

Yes, they can be honest and good friends. But they also know that in politics, you always play some sort of nasty, covert game. They expect America to bullshit them 98% of time and act accordingly. The bullshit the Americans back

Even more importantly, they understand that a certain amount of bullshitting is considered "being polite".
Mr Putin is careful not to appear like a Raging Germanic Tyrant and instead uses lots of Polite Bullshit. Even though everybody can see it, this is more acceptable to humanity than a "honest" raging guy.

The Russians know that Freedom is worth more than the material trappings of the west. All the Colored Glass Beads (Android phones, BMWs etc) which they offer as "compensation" for the golden cage is distrusted by the Russians.

Maybe you British should reconsider your old hatred for the Russian Empire. It is not worse than the Anglo Imperium of today.

Ask some Vietnamese nationalists if you want to know why.

Anonymous said...

@C.E., secondly: You must be very, very naive if you do not think the West is highly corrupt.

Essentially, US Gov is in the pocket of New York International Banksters. Those can fuck with the Western Finance System at their will and fully unchecked.

So, what the Russians and the Chinese must do is to simply Wait And See how the west is going to deconstruct itself.

Of course, they must isolate themselves from the plague which comes from New York and they need contigency plans of what to do when the implosion actually happens.

But calling the Russians "corrupt" is really rich. Pull out the beam out of your own eye before you advise others or how do they say ???