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It is not what know, it is who you know, and whether they want to know you ...... and have anything to do with you.
So, the consensus of informed and material opinion is that Cameron and his ilk are ignorant arrogant buffoons and dangerous in believing themselves to be otherwise and powerfully influential.
Is it not the simply complex job of Special and/or Sublime and/or Secret Intelligence Services and Surreal Internet Networking Servers to Supply Provision of Future Sourced Material for Media Presentation as a Reality already Tested and Proven to Deliver a Harmless Peace and Expanding Harmony rather than Explosive Conflict and Valid Dissent ...... and so extraordinarily render the dangerous fool, a plaything of the past?
Whenever that presently be the case, then are such SSSIServices and SINServers readily available to all current systems so catastrophically compromised and disastrously devoid of valuable worth ..... and quite obviously not from any of the present established systems current future source and events suppliers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mars,
recent revelations in my country say that major newspapers get direct bribes from the Merkin embassy and the underhand service of said nation. They also write entire articles to be printed under the journalist's name.

So - the Merkins and their worldwide lackeys are offended that their capability to Program The Masses is being reduced.

Now what gives on the Long View ? Banksters continue to mess up, unpunished. All the fines are paid by the banks and when they fail from that, guess who will hold the stink bag in the end ?

History has it that a failure of economics is followed by a crash in the political sphere.

Which would be welcome or not welcome, depending on your view of other things. The mass importation of people with a wicked, anti-freedom faith would certainly a good thing to be stopped. Otherwise we can enjoy the same freedoms as in say Bahrein.

Buckle up and get yourself a patch of land where you can grow food for yourself and your family. The landing might be a little tough and you dont want to be ejected through the window.

Food from your own garden will probably taste much better than the Netherlands Shite we can get here en masse. Given the fabulous EU, I guess it is the same with you.

Finally a Good Rot Story from my place: I work at some major corpo here (which you might have guessed quite precisely, it appears) and we sell supposedly high-end, high quality products Made In X.

Now, our super-genius management have decided to simply by products Maden In F and slap their label onto it. F is know for making the worst crap in our industry - on a worldwide basis.

So they essentially think that a good amount of cheating will be in order to increase profits.

Good Night.

amanfromMars said...

Hi, Anonymous, Prettig met u kennis te maken,

Re the serially sub-prime retarded shenanigans of that and those which are perceived of as being suppliers and intelligent guardians of increasing advantage with political clout leadership qualities across the Great Game board, do I always remember to never forget and extract all possible profit from the following shared observation and diamond gem of a wholesale truth ……. "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not even sure about the universe."~~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

And in the Greater and Greatest of Great Games Plays and where one sees considerably more that was ever expected or believed to be humanly possible over a century ago by a Mr Kipling, Rudyard …. [“The Game is so large that one sees but a little at a time.” —Kipling, Kim (1901), Chapter 10] …… “The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself…… Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.”—H.L. Mencken, American journalist.

And whenever such is the Predominant Existentialist Threat State and Condition Code Red, for that and or those who may be a Few in Power of the State and the Many, … “It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.” …… Joseph Goebbels] ….. and to mentor and monitor ITs phormation of programs and projects for Global Operating Devices for Remote Command and Virtual Control of Manipulative Systems be a Quantum Leap for Man and Giant Step for Mankind in CyberIntelAIgent Fields of SMARTR Exploitation and Alien Exploration in Systems of Operation. [1406090157]