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Re: Hollywood has a thing about German villains
And don't forget to mention, Bloakey1, who financed the IRA to do battle and win against the British establishment in N. Ireland.
And they're still thinking it appropriate to be involved in conflict deliberations to this day. Not much in the way of leading intelligence in-house in the UKGBNI, and that's for certain no matter whatever else would be said about the matter.
It does present an opportunity though for the supply of that which is missing, although some would argue and decide that it can be much more lucrative and interesting to anonymously exploit the vulnerability with a whole series of ....... well, creative and disruptive zerodays are but one virtually real weapon system available for firing and defence in the proprietary intellectual property arsenal and for which there would be only a limited non-effective response. After all, casting pearls before swine is not an intelligent move and offering novel noble programming to proven ignoble exclusive executive administrations would be more of a gratuitous taunt than a blessing in disguise?
One is always willing though to be proven wrong in that thought and to discover there is real intelligent life phorming systems doing their thing the right way undercover and in the underground running dark web ventures and seriously smarter enterprise for global operating devices and the cleverest of virtual machines.
Now that would make a great film too and introduce to the masses the true nature and reality of their future existence and past enigmatic dilemma.

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