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Re: I love the way A.N.Other hack thinks GCHQ are dumb
The politicians might be dumb, ok , not might, are. But the people at GCHQ are extremely smart and we only find out a fraction of what they get up to. In fact the fraction they want us to know.
Still, I'm sure they're more than happy for you to underestimate them. In fact making sure you do is probably policy. … boltar
Quite so, boltar. However, the virtually smart ones are happy to realise they can also be overestimated with future based talents a rare premium commodity/entity most probably missing in-house rather than powering and empowering it, and as is apparently evidenced by the distinct lack of intelligence progress delivered for media propagation by proxy puppets and muppet puppeteers to the masses.
Does GCHQ look for intelligence and information to report on second and third party trails and tales to whomever/whatever, or invent and spin the intelligence source itself to commandeer future direction and control narrative production to guarantee established system payments rather than ensuring catastrophic titanic virtual machine collapse ‽ . Is GCHQ, and foreign service centres just like them elsewhere around the world, a grand master of destiny or active cuckold for them?
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And talking of cuckolds to catastrophic titanic virtual machines and forewarned about Military Industrial Complexes, here be a manic fluffing cheerleader getting excited on the sidelines ....... The Ranting Runt that is John McCain
Obviously he learnt nothing whilst a host and model prisoner of Vietnam?

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RE:"GCHQ Replies Truthfully ....."
I agree that mass surveillance is justified. Not only that it can be of good use to innocent people.
The problem you need to fix is the denial of the evidence collected to be used in court.
Right now they swear up and down that they do not have such information, or that it cannot be used in court because of its classification.
Fix that problem and you will make my day. ……. Casey Evans
The problem with that problem being solved, Casey E, is that collection is on a novel objective subject proposed and led by a self-serving subjective executive, and whenever that is more evident is it realised to be subversive and oppressive and a facility to be resisted and crushed?
Or would that sticky problem for solving be more an abiding opportunity for exploiting?
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Casey Evans said...

RE:"The short version is: if you are any kind of open-source leader or senior figure who is male, do not be alone with any female, ever, at a technical conference. Try to avoid even being alone, ever, because there is a chance that a 'women in tech' advocacy group is going to try to collect your scalp."

Yes I agree with this. They tried using a lying woman to make me a rapist. She came over, slept with me, i walked her to her car... Couple days later the rape squad shows up (the police dept) and asks me if I raped her. I got an attorney asap and handled the problem. Then everywhere I went people were calling me a rapist (to my face).

I moved, then a false report to the sheriffs office got me locked up for an assault I did not commit. I tried reporting the sheriffs office to the FBI and they refused to give me the contact info for the FBI. I then tried to file complaints to internal affairs and they dropped the paper work and never got back to me. They then told me I was going to prison if I did not plead guilty, so to get out of the damn place I pleaded guilty. Now I am a felon and cannot work in IT anymore.

So if they don't get you one way they get you another way.

Casey Evans said...

Detailed kinetic energy located at and #coolfuion

amanfromMars said...

Life's a horny son of a bitch indeed for some, Casey E. The secret is to discover there are no rules to regulate the Great Games that are played and truth can never be bested ...... and Mother Earth is host to billions of extremely weird subjects who know not what is happening all around them. Just as meek and weak sheep in a flock be they.

Agent Revolver said...

Comment number four:

Ten of Ten, amfM. Hi.

4 Real.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Drones are dropping drugs into prisons and the US govt just doesn't know what to do
Uncle Sam needs your help"

Yeah here is some help: Why don't the invisible law enforcement agents take care of it. Prison is full of them. Not like they have anything better to do besides torture people.

Casey Evans said...

Also sent &

From: Casey Evans
Sent: Friday, November 6, 2015 3:07 PM
Subject: About yavapai county

A few years ago I lived in yavapai county arizona. I lived with my father. One day my father came home and stuff was broken in the house, he left and later a yavapai county sheriffs officer showed up to the home. He claimed I assaulted my father when I did not. He claimed the assult took place days ago. He then arrested me. I had been tortured in that home for 6 months or more. I was tortured by people that were invisible, who had the ability to modify and intercept all my communications hardware. I could not figure out how they were doing what they were doing. It seemed that a website and a user "amanfrommars" and a website always seemed to know what I was doing in my home. They would post articles in a form of plain text encryption where I would know by keyword they were meaning for me to read the posting. I was logging data about these people on my computer. I then went to yavapai county jail and then yavapai county detention. I repeatedly asked then for the address of the FBI so I could report them kidnapping me. They refused to give me the address while in custody. I attempted to file complaints about them using the "grievance form" and asked for the address to internal affairs and they refused. I had a sign in my cell that said "I am under duress". I put that I was under duress on the "grievance form" also but they never got back to me. I was then taken to court and they refused to let me plead not guilty and said I was "Rule 11". After about 6 months of them not letting me plead not guilty I was taken to Arizona State Hospital. I told them I was under duress and I was being set up and they said I was Paranoid Schizophrenic. I was told by an employee of the hospital that I was to plead guilty except insane or go to prison for like 10 years. I was in the hospital for approx 6 months. I was then taken back to yavapai county where I pleaded guilty like I was told to, but I refused to say I was insane. I later moved back to maricopa county where I started serious research on what technology they were using to torture me. I have reverse engineered the technology that allows them to be invisible, discovered there communication medium / method, and done great work on particle physics since.

My website has detailed information on this illegal technology. There is a backup of the site at