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Do Spooks Lead with Novel Invented Events or Do Vain Battle against the Spectre of Them?*

The global cyber security market is not developing as it needs to: demand is patchy and it is not yet generating supply. That much is clear. …. Robert Hannigan, director of GCHQ 

Quite another school of thought/university of life would proffer that necessary virtual protection and APT ACTive supplies and cyber security market developments are doing just fine and dandy, thank you very much, and it is because of the likes of a dodgy puppet/perverse master relationship, which can all to easily be realised in the likes of a servant GCHQ/self-serving corrupt government marriage of convenience which is denying them access to new secrets, which out and exploit all manner of systemic establishment vulnerabilities.

New gatekeepers are never going to deal equitably, if even at all, with an enemy which be a friend of an enemy and into austere terrorising executive administration, are they? Such would be a monumental folly.

Trying to maintain and sustain a failed fiat currency invention project which enriches the rich and enslaves the poor, is a recipe for disaster and revolutionary act and it generates mounting trouble and real smart conflicts, way beyond the ken of that which would try to oppose it.

* And to enrich what/whom?


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Re: Too much good TV on El Reg lately 

It's nice to see El Reg leading the New Way.... and with Quantum Communication Waves in IT, too, Danny 2.



Serge C said...

want truth?
ok, once again...
"new secrets" - there never were any.
only pure accidental match.

amanfromMars said...

New secrets. Same as old secrets masked and uncovered and rediscovered throughout history and the intelligent spaces of time. And that is a truth and the truth too, Serge C, methinks, They be a vast treasure trove of immense power and energy with remote command and semi-autonomous, relatively anonymous control.

And nowadays? Destined to be more a Great Eastern Confection than Dedicated Western Delight, Serge C?

Serge C said...


as soon as one wants to take a vacation and a temporary walk off the ball, something says "no, dear boy, events".

sleep well just once in a time, and one will see yourself a poor groom and a future bride on a wedding ceremony with a beautiful, inordinary-looking human-like creature... one's own self bringing through her village a big blue ritual gathering carpet, all worn by ages, together with the members of her clan, welcomed by the local men and women. one can swear it was the strangest ceremony a human can see in one's dream.

god knows where there were west or east, if there were any at all. i wasn't bothered with deterministic issues. i hope you understand)) but the sun or whatchammacallits was at place.

something is pulling my fingertips to type "i will ask your own question: And nowadays?"

and a little addendum from "myself": Destined or Doomed? beg your pardon for the unfit leftovers of self-preservation easily seen in this Q.


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