Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Hi, Daily Bell Staff,
In these modern times and novel spaces of fake news, is the following something else to bear in mind, because of the dirty secrets it easily reveals .....
Loads of fake news with phantom enemies outed in media and reported to be the real culprits behind all that is discussed, advises those said parties of the origin/source of all media hosted woes.
And quite what the falsely maligned would like and choose to do about it, is something always best kept a state/non-state actor top secret. One wouldn't want to be prior broadbandcasting one's actions/proactions/HyperRadioProActive IT Operations, would one? That would be really stupid and akin to madness.
And in these modern times and novel spaces are the tools and weapons available for smarter intelligent use like nothing ever defended against before.
Is it true that Trump is no smart puppet nor a dumb waiter servering to any old fools' gold administering executive

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