Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Re: So, fight propaganda with propganda, then
"This is the BBC World Service, bringing you the 'weather' report. Honest." .... Oh Homer
Howdy, Oh Homer,
Moving the Greater IntelAIgent Game on a few quantum bits has the current powering situation and present globalisation abomination ..... ."This is the BBC World Service, bringing you the 'whether' report. Honest."
But what else would you expect, in this day and age of little Hitlers in these wild wacky western virtual spaces, from a nation of shopkeepers with king and queen wannabes. Is that too brutally honest and one of those new fangled quantum entangling alternative facts which aren't outright lies?
amanfromMars 1 Tue 24 Jan 13:10 [1701241310] …. preparing the way forward on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/01/23/head_of_gchq_to_resign_for_personal_reasons/
Prime Time TV ... The Rise of Global Operating Device Machines on the Discover Recovery Channel
Certainly any worthy candidate, Andy the Hat, would be/should be expert in televised programming of hearts and mind operations, for such is definitely what all supposed secret and proposed sensitive intelligence services are confronted with and be competing presently so very badly against.
Do you imagine ancestored incestuous status quo missions are always doomed to revealing of their systemic inadequacies failures because they be defending and championing the indefensible and inequitable and would do wanton battle and wage futile war against free information and AI with ITs new global virtual space base programming?

amanfromMars 1 Tue 24 Jan 15:33 [17012141533] …… spreading seeds on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/01/24/summoning_demons_to_find_bugs/
You can take a horse to water, but does it think?
There's a low awareness of vulnerabilities in neural networks, say researchers.
Oh????? What would those researchers be researching then, KQ, for any neural networker worthy of note in the field would tell you the exact opposite and be extremely excited about all of the possibilities and opportunities which their high awareness of all the vulnerabilities in neural networks presents and gloriously conceals and protects from idiot misuse and grand corporate abuse.
And do you think the fake news networks/media moguls realise they haven’t a clue about what to do about what is discovered and being ever so stealthily uncovered?
Indeed, why not take IT a great deal further here, and ask El Reg whether they realise all of that which is mushrooming around them.


Casey Evans said...

RE:"What would those researchers be researching then, KQ"

We would be researching who really hacked the DNC, and who hosted that siphoned data.
Would your team like to confess, or do I need to out your false flag operation on my site for everyone to see. Oh and just to let you know -I will stop when Trump is tried for treason along with your team.

You make me fucking sick.

Why don't we finish this with an explanation of "Make America Great Again" really means.
Why it all boils down to a combination of British and German troops EATING your family.
G-=-Govermenment R-=-The Government of Reznor-=- EAT-=-Eating human beings who are US citizens-=-

His slogan alone is treason.
Disagree and your LYING.

And for the record: MY GOD IS NOT DEAD.

amanfromMars said...

Life sure is one hell of a bitch, aint it, Casey E. So much to do and learn, and so little time to enjoy the fruits of one's labours. :-)

Take a chill pill, amigo. You're gonna need it for what the future has planned and set in motion.