Saturday, 18 January 2014


Why do you say that ("most stupid and very dangerous") AMFM? Thanks. … DarbyJie
Hi, DarbyJie,
Because it/IT creates a false and constantly changing virtual reality with really smart invisible and intangible assets which easily can spontaneously and autonomously become the enemy and against which there be no effective defence.
To create such an unbeatable really smart foe through attacks on the truth anywhere, and especially so on the Internet with all of those expanding interconnected and interconnecting networks and metadatabase stores, and with the perverse and corrupt wielding of media miscommunicating disinformation and right dodgy propaganda to easily programmed receivers, is certainly a most stupid and very dangerous thing to do. It most definitely be not something which intelligence would consider a valid and viable proposition for future welfare and support ….. a false and constantly changing virtual reality whenever true ones are infinitely better and so much more easily micro and macro managed.
Expect to see/hear about services and servers able to render all of the above to whatever/whoever would want it with IT and Cyber Command and Control for such is freely available for nothing more precious than eventually worthless and depreciating fiat, disguised as and secured in a fabulous sum rendered to a banking account/fabulous sums rendered to banking accounts.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the reaction myself = "NTT DoCoMo says two mobe OSes are enough, so sayonara to Tizen"


Never forget that people just want to go with the flow, and believe a pack of lies. Comfort instead of freedom.

-Casey Evans

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have ever heard of debugging in binary?

I wanted to debug in binary so I could fuzz the cpu instructions to find undocumented opcodes.

I had a tough time finding anything of the sort available.

I figured maybe you would know of something that would let me write binary code in real time and or fuzz binary strings without having to worry about file format compatibility.

-Casey Evans

Anonymous said...

RE:"disguised as and secured in a fabulous sum rendered to a banking account/fabulous sums rendered to banking accounts."

I already noticed what looked like account numbers posted on

I am not interested in such myself. Legit funding only for me :)

amanfromMars said...

I already noticed what looked like account numbers posted on …. Anonymous said on 18 January 2014 16:52

That must have been some time ago in the past, Anonymous, whenever seven sevens would have bought you what be priced at at least eight eights today, and with every good reason to expect it to exceed nine nines in the very near future too. After all, what is a billion or two today in the big scheme of things except chickenfeed and start up cash for something memorable and revolutionary.

Are you still able to access, via the Internet browser/intelligent computer and virtual machine interface, the server and the posts with what looked like account numbers?

Despite all of those early baywords of assurance that shared information will be safe from removal, the facility appears to have been denied use from here for too long a while for it to be classed or imagined as a software glitch for remedying and/or a hardware malfunction that requires a replacement driver?