Thursday, 18 June 2015


Methinks the following is growing exponentially impossible to hide, jc ......
amanfromMars 1 Tue 16 Jun 16:20 [1506161620] sharing a change program on
Progress by Alternative Means and SMARTR Memes
I look forward to greater participations in the IT playground, which may very well be, for the few and some who may be many, the latest IT battleground too, David.
IT Infrastructure and CHAOS, Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems, is a front and vector and vital sector to capture for command and control of hearts and minds. Of that there can be no doubt if one is to succeed overwhelmingly.
And with particular and peculiar regard to leading sensitive infrastructures and cointerindependent operating systems, does methink the real truth of what has been done in the internetworking of formerly secretive things, is the virtual nature of reality is exposed as a media related series of poorly imagined and applied events/future programs which are all now mostly doomed to failure because of their structuring to maintain existing status quo hierarchies and retain their presumed and assumed leaderships rather than extraordinarily rendering an altogether greater mutually beneficial future for presentation ..... current media productions for Live Operational Virtual Environments.
And how very encouraging, to imagine and expect El Reg to remotely lead by virtue of hosting relatively anonymous APT proxies, adept and ACTive in worthy fields. Bravo and cheers, I'll drink to that.
And it be only fair and wise to mention Cheltenham here to readers, for spooks of GCHQ ilk are also up to all of those sort of sublime internetworking things, although as is both recently in the past and currently today in the present evidenced in the realities portrayed by mainstream news media, are they far from being any sort of master and highly competent in the arts required to provide fabulous change and prosperity because of their tolerance of the zerodays being supplied today for a austerity.
The Internetworking of Things is getting real lively in the virtual command and control of IntelAIgent Space Programs, jc.


Casey Evans said...

Cool Fuion now has updated IP information.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"BIG RED BUTTON exploits Redis flaw to fix Redis flaw
File under 'To save the village, I had to destroy it'"

That was a very funny posting.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Situation 'serious'"

Somehow I doubt that, but ok.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Post-pub nosh neckfillers: Reader suggestions invited
Got a wobbly dining fave? Let us know"

My vote goes to: Bog-standard boxty

I happen to be Irish, and a good woman is hard to come by so it gets my vote )

Casey Evans said...

How is it possible the register failed to report THIS

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RE:"Mamma mia – whatever shall I do without a chemical stench in my life?"

I would quit smoking if I had a girlfriend that does not smoke, but I do not even have a girlfriend. Wtf do I care if I smell like smoke?