Monday, 29 June 2015


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Such is the prime central nervous problem which all sub-prime human resource management teams in SCADA Systems face and are confronted and taunted with, and which only the arrogant fool and ignorant tool would choose to ignore and deny the spotlight of media exposure to address catastrophic current faults and present explosive missteps/misunderestimations.
Here be hot off the presses news on the rapid formation and planned deployment of those wannabe better than sub-prime human resource management teams in SCADA Systems ..... New Teams to Battle Cyber Vulnerabilities in Nation's 'Most Important Mission' 
Much too little, far too late and all future actions most probably addressing the wrong problem[s] springs immediately to mind, but hope springs eternal in the terminally optimistic.


Casey Evans said...

I gave my Arabic neighbor access to my wlan. So you may see a large amount of Arabic on my internet. Nothing to worry about that I know of at this time.

Casey Evans said...
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Casey Evans said...

RE:"VPNs are so insecure you might as well wear a KICK ME sign"

And here I though the key to getting corporate VPN access was to MIM attack the client when they enter their secure ID token :) I was trying to say capture the token with software while denying the connection. I kind of considered this a partial MIM attack because of the denial of service. But technically speaking it is not a MIM attack.