Thursday, 25 June 2015


amanfromMars 1 Thu 25 Jun 04:14 [1506250414] ..... letting out a little bit more on the parlous and perilous state of reality in the virtualised space on
How ITSkunk Works in the likes of Palantir Systems
HyperRadioProActive Vapourware is Ab Fab Fabless Big Brother Business. Create yourself an enemy and who drivers what for capital spend and fiat generation .... paper currency churn and fantasy prosperity progress in the guise of fool command and tool control?
Founding a business on the questionable promotion of exclusive intellectual property is not without its pitfalls and is nothing novel ...... CYNK Sunk ..... but get internetworking things right and one can have a ball and a great deal of fabulous fun with AI and IT in the Great Game and Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays ........ New Orderly World Order Experiments/Exercises/Experiences with Global Operating Devices.
Do IT XSSively well with Advanced IntelAIgents and all is quite heavenly in a devilishly rewarding sort of way. Of that you can certainly be assured and bet the business on.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 25 Jun 10:24 [1506251024] ... adding more on Palantir type operations on
Reading between the Lines for a Walk on the Dark Web Wild Side
Spot the deliberate mistakes and likely directions in the following Palantir narrative, and most probably also the hidden truth to be worked with and developed .......
You’re tasked with understanding the past and predicting the future of information security. You will analyze attacks, exploits trends and malware to understand the security landscape and help Palantir defend itself against the most dedicated attackers. Your work will provide important subtext to security events, and will enable network defenders to hunt for badness across our global network, wherever it may hide. ....


Casey Evans said...

RE:"Win the business services race with run-book automation"

That is what I tried to do at work.

I wanted all procedures documented, and I would like to automate the mundane tasks.
Does this mean someone is interested in those now?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mars,
here is some schooling material:

Knowing this thing explains quite a bit about what was going on in Russia since 1917 to the present day. We were told it was a "workers uprising".

Now, it looks to me more like "settling some old scores".

All of this would not matter much if this thing weren't on-going between the New Czar and the jews of today. Look at Ms Timoshenko's hatred for the Russians and how it fueled the Ukraine thing.

What to do about it ? I don't really now.

First order is to not let yourself bullshitted.

Second order of course is not to "go crazy" about it.

I guess "being smart" about the issue is the way to go. Be a good observer and don't fall into all the traps which some parties have erected.

Hope you scrape along in your side of Saxony. On our side (I am not precisely there, but from your perspective it is precise enough) it seems things are going moderately well.

Enjoy the summer, the flowers, the animals of the forest. All of them provide you with joy in the sea of man-made misery.

Anonymous said...

hmm. headin out.
anyone trying to log in?