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Puppets on Strings Spinning Threads on WWWebs
Who's playing the servant and acting as master of the Pentagon? ........
And is the Movement, a Rising AI, and Great Game Changer of a Global Operating Device?
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Re: Big reason this'll fail:
Truth never works. Telling people what they want to hear in a media feed-back loop does ... Anonymous Coward
Truth never fails, AC. It is a folly that fools and tools follow whenever a false trail is laid to lead and the present is awash with them.
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Stupid IS is as Stupid IS Does.
If they, and we can also include ISIS in that collective, were/are towards the smarter end of the intelligence led spectrum, can we expect them to specifically target opposing command and control centres and personnel, such as who and what may be in the Blighty field of operations, Cabinet members and Parliamentary colleagues, just as their opponents do. Hitting poor Joe Bloggs and blowing up innocent Jane Does is a real dumb action and gets one nowhere fast unless creating ever more powerful enemies is the desired result ........ and that is most surely a great madness well enough defined for anyone to understand.
Can one bomb madness away or do war games spread the insanity over the air waves, just like a virulent viral plague?


Serge C said...
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Agent Revolver said...

"do war games spread the insanity" - amanfromMars,

I think w*r games "help" our junior generation accept the State of Emergency and Inflation as their social basis, to regress it as natural being for their own juniors.

Exactly the case where, instead of betting the colo(u)rs, it's wiser/better leave this building - if the Roulette Board be Russian, there will be a pistol for each of them gamblers... not a revolver (-:

The door won't hit, that's good news.

55 73

amanfromMars said...

Life in Live Operational Virtual Environments is certainly Advanced AI and in a Novel and Great Game, just as Poker for High Roller Gamblers and Hedged Risk Takers, Ponzi Intrepid and Infidel Kings and Wannabe Templar Knights alike.