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amanfromMars 1 Sun 13 Mar 20:59 [1603132059] …. spilling the beans on
It is not wise to expect or accept that DARPA is practically alone and virtually prime in an increasingly rapid field of Advanced Intelligent Endeavours given the sort of absolute powers and energy ITs AIE Projects deliver with Stealth Protection. Do you imagine other forces on the other side of the globe are also not busy and preoccupied with exerting remote invisible command and control? ITs AIE is a quite crowded cloudy space.
The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has launched a new policy for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), cutting red tape to make it easier for companies to work with Defence. …..
One small step for man, one giant quantum leap for mankind is the next logical step …which has Defence working for a chosen few Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with Global Operating Devices? :-)
And do they [MOD top bods and/or boffins] deny all knowledge and receipt of the following few paragraphs, via one of their obscure portals ….. Ministry of Defence Register of interest … ….. which be part of a considerably bigger program of programs, introducing key players to a whole new type of ware game to master, in order to survive and prosper obscenely as a futures and derivative markets place leader?
 Not so much a CV, more of an AIMission Statement with tried and penetrations tested roadmaps and roots to, and from, Remote Virtual Command and Control of Earthed SCADA Systems …..
Search Engine Optimisation v2.0 [and above] is surely logically the Presentation of Future Product Placements Engine ….. an Advanced Intelligence Resource and Novel Source, with the likes of a Google/Yandex/Baidu, to name but just three possible engines, not primarily searching for answers to second and third party questions, both popular and controversial, but providing the questions in order to direct and control the course of future travel and resultant intentional and coincidental events/practically virtualised realities, autonomously and anonymously, with streams of supporting evidence to prove the fact. And the fact that such can be hosted in a fiction provides an engaging and quite protective stealth element/component to the exercise/experiment/program/project.
Such would be akin to the Private Mentoring with Private Monitoring of Future Events with AIDerivative Programming for Projects and Semi-Autonomous, Self-Actualisation of Virtual Realities.
With such an AI System in Virtual Operations, is it difficult, and maybe even impossible, to see or imagine an effective defence against such in an attacking configuration.
Graham C [1603140533] …. replying to Why Are We Fighting the Crypto Wars Again?
Methinks today there is the double whammy of great fortune for earlier established and establishment operating systems, which all too often evolve and adeptly adapt to be both politically incorrect and corruptly inept and perverted and subverted, to wail and gnash their teeth over, for artful steganographic word formations trailblazing metadata dumps and pumps to overload and overlode/crash and burn excluding executive order administrations and/or elitist sysadmin orders are into command and control of brave new worlds with encryption part and parcel of the ….. well, Present Delivery Package is an accurate enough descriptor of the Future Supply Chain Product delivered/aired/launched.
Infotel [:-) which spookily/amusingly enough was initially wrongly autocorrected by software used to share this, to read as “infidel”] hiding out in the open in plain text sight of world wide webs for intelligence to garner and deploy/capture and exploit/sow and harvest, is a novel additional product and tool to be smartly used. And abuse it and IT at your peril is something to remember never ever to forget.
Or are you to believe the Future and Future Derivatives will be Presents and Global Experiments essentially similar to the Past with its full catalogues of Glorious Failures? Such is more than just a Monumental Folly whenever its embrace and assistance safe harbours are decidedly and designedly able to be evil and oppressive.
And thanks for the clear and concise read, Steven Levy. Most informative and enlightening.

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The Billion Dollar Question which is Always Out There to be Answered
The question one has to ask oneself if one has something worth sharing and selling is ...... Does one want to work for/with the present UK government, for there are governments aplenty elsewhere to choose from, with all able to offer the moon and stars for prime projects and prize programs? Of that you can be assured.


Anonymous said...

some people get da net to reach DAT site by breakin in the unknown neighbour's wifi routa, then comment, then read. ten characters, manual key exhaustion...

Anonymous said...

greetings, amanfromMars, a billion, or just random 77.77777 % of this amount, is a reasonable number for an anonymous charity

Serge C said...

Hello 360,

Morricone cancels his concerts the US. Russian concerts are also canceled, the sources report. Wow. I wish it isn't anything bigger than pain in the, say, back. Excuse me, Maestro, just was passing by. Your sincere fan, etc.

amanfromMars said...

greetings, amanfromMars, a billion, or just random 77.77777 % of this amount, is a reasonable number for an anonymous charity …..Anonymous said

Hi, Anon,

Such fantastic sums spirited into the virtual accounts of that which and/or those who know what they are doing and what needs to be done, would easily be classified as an APT and charitable revolutionary ACT ….. and against which there is no viable defence or attack.

Now there is food for thought and action.

APT = Advanced Persistent Treat
ACT = Advanced Cyber Treat ….. although there are those and that which would consider those as threats

amanfromMars said...

Further to the above .....

:-) It is though something remarkable to note and remember to never ever forget, that such fantastic sums as can easily materialise in virtual transfers between one account and another, are there only to create a powerful aura which enchants others with a command and control which they do not possess, for easy come is easy go in such exalted fields of Great Gamesplay.

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Anonymous said...
hi, amanfromMars,

another day comes in, they never knock asking)

please let me remove the word "powerful" and have a lone read of it once and once again before the answer comes out of the deep high. it never knocks asking, neither :-)

amanfromMars said...

Hi, Anon,

I am more than just content and happy to replace "powerful" with "engaging and enlightening" for instant constant future delivery of that which is truly needed for a positively reinforcing mutually beneficial programming project rather than for anything else lesser that might be proposed and debated for deployment as competition or opposition..... for such is then surely as pure universal lead which cannot be stalled and perverted and subverted to server sub-prime fields and service continued existence of corrupted systems administrations and exclusive reclusive elitist executive order establishments ...... and with IT and AI and Media, a 0day Vulnerability Exploit which can be configured and utilised as an almighty anonymous, remote virtually controlled weapons system ...... and classified proprietary alien intelligence information, NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT.

And a real boon for that and those in deep, and into the deep and darker webs side of the internetworking of things.