Thursday, 31 March 2016


The View from Away Out There
The launch of the missiles is entirely dependent upon the submarines rather than the missiles, and despite jibes about Windows for Warships – all Royal Navy vessels currently run a hardened, customised version of Windows XP – it is very unlikely any non-state actor would have the capability to infect the submarines' systems.
I disagree, and would suggest and caution that future action compromising and overriding security of any installed and upgraded precautions and failsafeguards, is ever more likely to exacerbate an escalating problem with practically zero prior warning of there being a catastrophic problem/systemic vulnerability zeroday exploited.
And the crux of the matter is that the launch of missiles is entirely dependent upon submariners, and they are always vulnerable to the stealthy mind-bending/brainwashing capabilities of both smarter state and super experienced non-state actors.
Guarding against cyber attacks is akin to attacking ghosts and phantoms ….. the problem for solutions lies deep within and not outside of siloed systems. Although it could be admitted in the particular and peculiar nuclear weaponry case, that explosive munitions instructions for systems failures and destructions are provided on the outside and supplied via the darker web sides of cyberspace, which one has to accept is a virtual place and practically untouchable and intangible, and that can make it certainly almighty in the right hands, hearts and minds, and in the wrong hands, hearts and minds, one hell of a profitable loss making playground.
That’s just the way IT is these days. PEBKAC Rules ‽ . And Words Create, Command and Control and Collapse Worlds

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mars,
on a tactical level there is indeed concern for cybernetic threats to the support systems of these submarines and their weapons. In extremis, a completely infested support network could facilitate the uploading of a falsified navigation software into the missiles. So that they would fly to somewhere else than the intended coordinates.

But - these weapons are designed to scare, not be used in anger. That's the political-strategic level. As long as the other side is not 100% sure about the described malfunction, the weapons can serve their purpose.

I would like to stress that the Strategic Threat to Britain comes from your elite and killtech makers being susceptible to bribes from the enemies of your and mine culture.

Especially the lefties and the banksters already suck up to them, hard.

So I suggest you focus on the REAL problems.

Thanks and a good night.