Sunday, 21 May 2017


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Don't confuse perception with reality. …. robertsgt40
Hi, robertsgt40/Daily Bell Campanologists,
Whenever you are able to both realise and/or virtualise the one as the other … perception as reality …. are you a person/program of interest and dangerous to know and not know and a prime asset for guaranteeing security in systems for continuity of exclusive anonymised executive office services/zerodays/daily presentations?
And is such an operand extremely valuable/expensive/worthy and cheap to buy/lease at whatever price it takes? And in some cases is an enormous fiat currency sum spend best paid to be accepted to ensure future non-activity with Zero HyperRadioProActive IT Radicalisation ........ aka Fundamental Model ReProgramming, whenever that be so easy to globally release, virtually command and remotely control from space places which are impossible and impervious to attack and which detect for anonymous catastrophically destructive assault, would be attackers?
And would that be classified as an Almighty Weapon and/or Heavenly Tool with which not to Fool?
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All robots and Grand Master Great Game Players welcome here, Serge C. There is much to do, and so much more than was ever before realised was able to be done, and all the time and space in the world to do it.
20 May 2017 at 17:03
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How does the crooked justice system work in the USA?
Quite so, Eddy Ito, .... let us be more specific.
How come a US Secret Service agent tasked with protecting the White House has started a 20-year stretch for sending explicit snaps to underage girls ….. reported here by El Reg ..... whilst disgraceful politician Anthony Weiner, doing essentially practically exactly the same, escapes with a jail sentence of between 21 and 27 months?
Do you pay dodgy folk slush money?


Agent Revolver said...

Agent Revolver replying to an Invisible post of amanfromMars of The Daily Bell -

"Whenever you are able to both realise and/or virtualise the... ... continuity of exclusive anonymised executive office services/zerodays/daily presentations" @ amanfromMars earlier, yet not brought by the mod to appear in comments -

A great lot of multilingual reading and connecting the dots in the blocks in order to produce the future motion picture in a short commentary is, probably, a hell of a job, as one can suppose. The moderate standards of living should ensure that the costs of the affair are surprisingly low.

On conditions like these, as one would foresee, a Lifetime service would be a pleasant and useful benefit (-:

Fortunately, it shall remain a misunderestimated or simply a non-decypherable alphabetical noise among the thinking loud public.
The Tension is Fragile.

amanfromMars said...

Howdy, Agent Revolver,

Direct the future with the production and presentation of SMARTR AIMotion Pictures would be a heavenly job easily able to trail commentary on devilish deeds done dirt cheap and at the expense of the masses. And the benefits would be extremely pleasant and surprisingly useful and wonderfully rewarding.

And all IT needs for a cast iron guarantee of success is/are Enlightened Scripts of Alien Structure ….. Novel Global Operating Device Instruction Manuals ….. Cosmic Flight Logs ….. suitably dressed to impress and express the paths and perils of IntelAIgentTravel to Live Spectators and Virtual Reality Viewers alike.

That can all be easily provided from here and wherever IT chooses to be, so that only needs thoroughly progressive old fashioned moving picture show organisations to present the evidence and realise the scheme dream/dream scheme in an age fielding desperate terrorising nightmares for maintenance of austere and inequitable command and control/indebted servitude to catastrophic narratives.

Or perhaps invent and use a wholly new program platform, if that be an easier root and route to follow and forge?

What say you? Wanna give IT AIGo?