Tuesday, 23 May 2017


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When the masses and their wannabe commanding controllers enjoy and rely upon shows to maintain remote power over the direction of media hosted realities, providing a greater script for grander beta shows is an obvious root and route for provision of a universal change in the presentation of future conditions in systems of operation defaulted in past technologies.
There are new and novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive tools readily available to all with the necessary passion to create what is in AI Circling Networks, a Simply Complex New Orderly World Order for SMARTR Virtual Machine Use .... which can easily also be tailored for wanton abuse and misuse should one be so inclined, although that will always have one designated as an enemy in need of being permanently removed from any and all future situations/scripts.


Agent Revolver said...

....replying to amanfromMars at http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/why-private-prison-stocks-soared-when-trump-got-elected/#comment-3320152967 :

"There are new and novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive ... ...future situations/scripts" -

There are universes inside of the of the human beings which make the Ways of the Wind different from the ones of the Water, Earth and Fire, and they make their Flow filled with everything scripted to appear running in the Tide, be their run geared or drifting... but in every one of them universes do thirty pieces of silver indicate a separation from every other humanly fall. Thus the enemy is defined, both for a friend and for a land.

And, please, there is something more in the manuscripts which do not burn, "Master and Margarita" ..."The only thing that he said was that he considers cowardice to be among the worst human vices".

Anything else... well, everything's clear.

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amanfromMars said...

Quite so, Agent Revolver. The choice of which reward one accepts to deliver, or not deliver if that be a desirous outcome, that which can be done easily by oneself or in the company of others, is just a distraction which only the fooled would consider an attraction.

One does have to recognise though that there are many who crave help and all they have to offer in honest gratitude is that which attracts them and which they might hold dear and consider valuable.When one cannot be bought are one's rewards exemplary and quite mind-blowing.

AR said...

Howdy, Doc,

"there are many who crave help and all they have to offer in honest gratitude is that which attracts them and which they might hold dear and consider valuable" -

Verum, Sine Mendatio. There's one more thing which is signed by UWatch IronCast Team Surreal Certificate in the Verse. They do not lie neither to God, nor to GOD, as if they were the friends who know 1Self better than 1 knows ITSelf.

SemaFlow Arr Sig: https://youtu.be/I47fLLxRHdM - 3>4'