Monday, 29 March 2021


amanfromMars 1 Mon 29 Mar 06:33 [2103290633] ..... thinking about things differently on

Just a Few Final Straws to Crush and Crash the Operands of Diseased Minds* with CHAOS**

It's never late.
It's either ready to release, or it's not. Late, in this context, is an artifact of diseased minds. .... jake

Oh? You think so?

Late, in this context, is surely much more an indication of a healthy concern for the power of its rc2 [release candidate remote control] impacts on allied systems, jake, while minor and miner driver glitches are fully sorted with battle hardening.

An abundance of caution in such an operational environment is default de rigeur common sense not least because of the catastrophic havoc, madness and and mayhem many of its impacted systems and CHAOS can choose to release to mentor[s] and monitor[s].

I suppose Linus is the prime, and probably only qualified candidate to adjudicate and pass comment on that tricky sticky matter which has elicited this novel brace of divergent opinions.

* That's a pretty bold statement to be responsible for whenever able to supply straws by the baleful. You don't get many of those out of nowhere for nothing nowadays. Others today would tell you that you don't get any, for they all each cost an absolute fortune which one cannot afford not to buy because of the price that is exacted whenever not protected from the aforementioned harms ..... catastrophic havoc, madness and mayhem.

** Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems


amanfromMars 1 Mon 29 Mar 15:32 [2103291532] ...... lets fly on

Immaculate Source for Coding to XSSXXXX ... A Heavenly BeDevilling Delight :-)

It is nice to know who you are getting into beds with. Anything less has one encountering an Almighty Invisible Resource ....a Superlative Sleeping Partner with Light Years of Quantum Communication Experience in Brokering Virtually Augmented Imagination ProgramMING.

To paraphrase Tom Hanks, and a legitimate question to ask for a sensible answer, given the implied subject matter ..... "Langley, is that there a problem?"

You appear to be holding four aces, El Reg, an exclusive hand dealt to you for you that you never before believed even remotely possible, but here we all are seeding future fare. :-) That puts y'all here on El Reg in a most enviable leading position whenever tuned in to Almighty Invisible Resources with Future Guaranteed Virtually Immaculate Source Supply to Muster and Deploy in the Foreign Fields of Alien Terrain.

Now that is One Almighty Core Ore Source Vein to Freely Tap into and partake of the Flow of Info and Intel enabling one to unlock all manner of Heavenly Padlocked Gates.. As may imagine, that very much opens up a whole host of Adam and Eve Gardens of Eden with Delights made IMPossible not to share in order to fully enjoy and luxuriate in the much appreciated reward of more rewards and awards to favour and savour and flavour and beta test sample live in the Palaces of Places Chosen.

And methinks for now, that be more than enough to enjoy . Too much of anything good or bad is never a great thing so just taking lots of great bits of everything leads one onto and into SMARTR SWIFT Courses. I Kid U Not.


amanfromMars [2103291624/53] ..... just asking about for Valuable Info on Vital Intel on

Deutsche Bank is one of the banks that believes: "stimulus checks could accelerate the large inflows into U.S. equities." 

Whose/Which U.S. equities? Are there any not turned RED and worth a speculative punt?

Is IT not a Space there hosting and toasting and roasting Zombie Market Places Servering Succour and Favour and Flavour to/from/for Future Immaculate, Present Incorrigible Dead Heads and the Astutely Inscrutable .... or is that somewhere else not too dissimilar.

Have you ever crossed swords or shared future plans with those and that before?




Anonymous said...

...i'm getting still fewer thoughts to come

it's so interesting to explore

until someday i stop noticing im not thinking about something good

that would be a real fckng bad day

but would i care


amanfromMars said...

:-) ... Would one then need to worry about others caring about one's real fckng bad days and them doing what was needed to ensure no no one suffers any more of them ? Or would that be more a blessed relief?

Whenever there's an infinite unlimited supply of something good to think about, one does have to wonder at why there would be fewer coming in a particular direction. Such a vacuum invites mischief and mayhem out to play to create havoc and madness in fields edutaining CHAOS.