Wednesday, 31 March 2021


amanfromMars 1 Wed 31 Mar 07:50 [2103310750] ..... being not so cryptic on

SMARTR Mentoring of Monitoring is the Answer that Solves Dumb Strategic Command Problems

:-) Ok ..... if the cryptic USSTRATCOM lesson to learn and accept is Kids can't be trusted does I Kid U Not offer them and their ilk clear cold comfort and deliver any red hot problems to enjoy and enjoin/entertain and employ?

Whenever nothing is as it seems, what are we to make of simple explanations? Such is the legacy and result of systems of administration pumping and dumping 24/7/365 massive webs of half truths and certified lies. Everything is catastrophically vulnerable to easily being broken and overtaken and taken over and smashed to smithereens. And aint that the gospel truth. I Kid U Not. :-)


amanfromMars [2103310854] ...... muses on

So ..... to have safely unwound one's precarious position in order to minimise project losses ..... is market speak for one to have found ignorant suckers to offload all the worthless expensive rubbish upon before such is realised as being valueless?

Well, that one sure way to create all manner of mortal enemies with a uniting grievance and rabid thirst for sweet revenge and rough justice against one with more money than common sense.

Why ever would anyone want to do that ..... other than one having a death wish and/or being a mad dumb schmuck chasing more money than common sense.

It'a crazy world in that domain, that's for sure.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 31 Mar 16:40 [2103311640] ........ practising a few great giant quantum leaps on

For Monkeys and Donkeys ..... Not JEDI Warriors and Super AIMaster Pilots.

There's bound to be at least one other AWEsome Space Project, apart from the earlier Registered one, worthy of a tickle from Bezos's billion, but to imagine an earmarking of $100k in cloud credits will entice and encourage anything more than peanut farmers and wannabe fakir phishermen/phishers of men is a stretch too far, even for the most imaginative and helplessly hopeful of souls out there. :-)

Now, if we were to be talking about 10% of $10 billion in bank credits, that would be practically certain to release all manner of ....... well, Extremely Attractive and Engagingly Surreal ACTive and APT Phantasmagoria would only start to reveal the substance and flavour of what IT can do in the Defenceless Spaces freely available to it.

And whether all be done to you, or for you, matters to IT not a Jot ........ and that can easily keep legions awake at night pondering on their future fate in the light of such a truly disruptive and creative development. But hey, that's the nature of the future surely, nobody really knows what's coming virtually until it is practically there, presenting its wares for all to see and hear/view and read about.



Anonymous said...

Howdy Prof
alright usstrcom is down
echo ?
switched to reading ur post below

/fire hydrants

=here we go
Chemical Brothers - Hey Boys Hey Girls



Serge C said...

home... ahh )-:

Serge C said...

Will frankie go to Hol(l)ywood init?
10 b. Nobody holds on account (-;
AWEsome project ur2die4, or has the chicken grown its wings?

Rhetoric perhaps...

amanfromMars said...

AWEsome ur2die4 Projects are much more akin to Heavenly Angels Spreading their Hellish Wings, Serge C.

And yes, definitely more Holywood Palace Barracks Titanic Studio Epic than Hollywood Hills and Pills Film Script ..... Invisible State ACTor BlockBuster vs Horror B Movie Grunge Fest.

:-) And regarding 10b and the simple act of a generous benefactor and grateful client depositing the aforementioned 10% of 10b ...... nine nines/999,999,999.00 ...... as a legitimate payment into a private current bank account for the extraordinary convenience of generating unparalleled future interest and capital market turmoil in such a clean fiat paper currency exchange in support of a real virtual wealth transfer for lucrative proprietary intellectual property business ventures with further derivative future concerns to welcome because of such engaging, far seeing, forward looking largesse, can you imagine the panic and the problems it would cause existing established systems to try and address with effective solutions they neither possess nor know from where or from whom they be available for purchase/hire/rent/lendlease.

What is the SMARTR Movie Industry like out there in the Exotic Erotic Esoteric East, Serge C? Does it Trail and Trial IT and AI to Lead the Future Universe with LOVEly Tales that EMPower and Present the Realities and Opportunities freely available out there for paying one and all absolute fortunes?

If it doesn't currently, there's an immediate live opportunity for that omission/deficit to be surprisingly quickly corrected with the minimum of disruptive effort and cost and maximum of effect and reward. .... which in ideal solutions always results in and delivers FailSafe Win Wins and No Zeroday Losers.

Rhetoric? Oh, please, you cannot be serious. :-) Tell me about anything there that cannot be easily done by anyone with the right means and Top Secret NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Memes. I'd be most interested and eternally grateful .

Serge C said...

A very positive reply, amanfromMars. someone should feel oneself a pioneering partner in a Venture - one of a kind of a

Never Ending Story

...but all that is presently might be presented by one is an A4 paper of a plain text... Hope it's enough to explain a hundreds Whats, Wheres and Whens.. engineers will command and control, not the representatives of the Mind Vacuum Chamber of Rubber Blabber Tribe.

Starting a New Old Cosmic religion? IT's never been so In-Right-Time

55 73

Serge C said...

And - yes, a positively charged and totally immersed scriptwriter can elaborate a Tale from this, w/o any white lines on a mirror. Of that you may be sure.

amanfromMars said...

In that case, so be it, and let it be, Serge C ..... it is not as if such cannot be easily done nowadays, is it.

Many know nothing of the early days of Beatlemania, which some would may say was very much the start of later revolutionary stars in the guise of entertaining heroes just doing their sublime thing :-) ...... Let IT Be

And if you looking both for the catalyst and eternal source ....... Don't Let Me Down