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Change Agent Phormal Application
I don't think the past is gone at all. At least 99% of everything Man does is simply a refinement of previous methods: Everything is faster but the goals have remained the same.
Right now the lack of actual goals is driving all sorts of dumbassery. Conquest is over, known useful natural resources are already owned and Gods don't seem very interested in having everyone in their flock (or dead) any more. The only thing left is 'make money' but that isn't a goal, that's the end result of accomplishing goals.
Basically we're a bored civilization that is too narrow minded and risk averse to set new goals, we just keep doing the same things over and over. It leads to little tactical changes that do not mean anything in the main, just trundling along on the same endless road with slightly improved axle bearings.
Civilization as a whole is going to actually have to leave the past and expand its horizons beyond the petty, self-inflicted, problems of today. Unfortunately I don't think Man is ready to do that. They still believe money will somehow change things. It won't. We are living in a past that was defined for us over 2,000 years ago. .... Don Jefe Posted Thursday 14th November 2013 14:49 GMT
Is it then necessary, Don Jefe, that others then set up the goals and put into motion and universal consciousness the applications if Man is too stupid and too primitive to move on from the past and into the future all by himself in order to to experience a novel present which is not burdened at all by the historical baggage that has created paper debt as a wealth measure of creative credit ...... and as a very convenient and totally artificial remote virtual means of masterly miserly command and control of primitives?
Would that be a real convenience to cherish and support, such a radically fundamental change, or a phantom worry to be overly concerned about and to terrorise nations with?


JPMorgan and CNBC take a roasting
Here is another shocking media piece, MRando250 ....and I refer to the video showing CNBC hosts being complicit in trying to deflect the slings and arrows of outrageous evidence and commentary on JPMorgan crimes and misdemeanours, with the highlighting of what are crooks in real life apparently able to escape jail time by paying other folks money in the thousands of millions of QE dollars to dodgy systems which bypass law and order and justice requirements ......
Does that prove a global/nationwide/government conspiracy to defraud and misinform and mislead the population in the wrong direction .... or is it just available corroborated evidence of it stored in/on Media and IT devices?

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Re: The 'Credit-Monitoring' Service scam...
Here is another shocking media piece, AC [who posted Thursday 14th November 2013 19:53 GMT ] ....and I refer to the video showing CNBC hosts being complicit in trying to deflect the slings and arrows of outrageous evidence and commentary on JPMorgan crimes and misdemeanours, with the highlighting of what are crooks in real life apparently able to escape jail time by paying other folks money in the thousands of millions of QE dollars to dodgy systems which bypass law and order and justice requirements ......
Oh .... and are, in the eyes and hearts and minds of the true law and social order and sweet justice, the law and order and justice systems accessories and wilfully obliging partners in such as are crimes against humanity?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mars,
regarding the Question "Is Israel or Saudi-Arabia the master of 9/11":

I am not in the possession of any special information about this entire issue. What I can provide, though, is some reasoning and of course supporting facts.

1. The Saudis, Pakis and Americans (and some more American vasalls) did it to the Russkies/Soviets in Afghanistan by means of inciting Sunni violence. Call it freedom fighters, call it terrorists, call them partisans. So the Saudis learned: a bit of violence furthers our agenda.

2. Saudis are smart; they know about Jewish power in America. Don't fight anything you cannot defeat. Rather, use it for yourself. See "Kissinger", "Feinstein", "Brin", "Zuckerberg", "Mayber", "Albright".

3. Saudis have been for a very long time in conflict with Shiites. Apostasy etc etc. Iran is the leading shiite power.

4. It was Saudi nationals or Saudi-funded/trained Sunni radicals who crashed into WTC. At least, that we are told.

5. Could amateur pilots actually steer a large plane at high speed into the WTC ? Some Pilots say, they could not. How could they then actually ? A nice little software modification of the auto pilot might have helped. Use your "quantum" references and apply them to flight control software. Then you know how to turn a Boeing into a cruise missile and hit stuff very precisely.

6. As a result of 9/11 Saddam was removed and hanged. Of course, it would have been rational to hang the Saudi King, as HE harbours sunni terrorism. Saddam was a nationalist and socialist and only then a muslim. Iraki women could walk unveiled and ride cars. Saudi women can't until today.

7. Why Saddam ? Because he rained some missiles on Israel in the Kuwait war.

Anonymous said...

8. Could Saudi-Arabia and Israel have channeled some Sunni extremist idiots to America and use them for their political and strategic ends ? There is a story about Israeli intelligence cheering on 9/11 when seeing the planes hitting the WTC. In New York. ALl of these intel people were sniffing around the sunni terrorists before that.

8.1 War industry: They faced dramatic revenue cuts due to Russia being almost dead as a military force. NSA faced massive cuts. 9/11 was more than welcome.

9. So who is the boss in Israel/Saudi Arabia ? What's the role of the MIC ?
Well, look at who benefited. Follow the money: Saudis benefitted from a rival taken out (Saddam), MIC benefitted from a massive revenue rise instead of a massive cut, Israel benefitted from taking out a rival who had lobbed missiles and had worked on nukes earlier.

9.1 Sunni terrorism was hit in Afpakistan, but not in the heartland of Wahabism/Saudi-Arabia. The Saudis have bribed themselves into the Bush family and the general US establishment. They are America's piggy bank for powerful people like the GWB failure, when they need some money.
Certainly BAE and EADS and Tony Blair got a massive injection, too.

So again, who's boss ? That's the wrong question. It's more like "circles" in the "free world". Everybody is "free" to do a crime, once in a while. Everybody can ask some friends to help them out in committing a crime.
The sheeple pay (with their limbs, if needed), the rich and powerful become more powerful and more rich.

There is no "central control". It's all Circles. Some guys might for some time have more control. YOU can have some control, merely by going to the message boards.

It's not like a Josef Stalin commanding a hierarchy; it's more like circles of the mafia. Once some Israeli leads, then Saudis take the driver seat, then the French badly need a new war and take the driver seat for a few weeks.

Then this poor idiot from Germany and General Dempsey thwart the plans of the French to do some more war for the Saudis. That's my understanding how things work.

It's not nice and you better have a little hobby like growing roses, raising horses or your own kids. Otherwise, you will get a very hard, nasty, double-crossing person.

I guess Monty Python is a very good philosophical guide in this world. That's all I can say at this point. I'll let you know if I find out more and if I find it worthwile to continue with politics.

Name not relevant. Guess yourself.

Anonymous said...

Neither would I be surprised to learn that Snowden was tricked into doing what he did.

In order to create a "diversionary fire" so that some sort of massive bankrobbery can take place in parallel.

While the plebs are concerned about snooping, the money men can massively inflate the currency (euro and dollar). That's what happens at this point. Let's see how it works out.

Maybe accelerated technological innovation can increase output at such a high rate that the inflation will be covered. In electronics, this certainly is the case.

But my big concern is that human relations and social settings will be destroyed by inflation. You can have too much "creative destruction".

When moneymen and powerful people can break rules all the time, the poor people will at one point decide that they can break rules, too.

That's how the Russian and French revolutions came about. And how their respective nobilities got essentially exterminated.

At least we do not live in boring times.