Saturday, 16 November 2013

131116 Words Create Worlds, Secrets Destroy Worlds, Worlds Create Words ergo ... ?

We think we are what we share.
Sat, 11/16/2013 - 01:00 amanfromMars …. commenting on Internet Working Weapons on
Hi, Tyler,
A little something extra to add to the markets confusion.
With regard to the speculation aired in the statement …“It appears that the NSA and GCHQ were the first to turn the internet backbone into a weapon;” ….. be advised that it is not possible that both agencies, unless they out themselves as being in reality just the one agency stealthily working covertly and clandestinely in the guise of two wholly separate national agencies, are able to make the claim to be first.
And even should those two seemingly different national mirror organisations, the NSA and GCHQ, be secretly and in all probability and likelihood acting as one and in all manner of different state actor roles impacting on events with leading intelligence/reactionary movement of resources,…. and that would require quite a rare and not insignificant amount of raw joint source intelligence, methinks, which y’all might agree would be just too unbelievable for many/any folk to accept would exist within the ranks and executive of such agencies .... can the claim still be entirely wrong and misleading.
However, that is probably something which you would expect the likes of a GCHQ or NSA to say about such things as QUANTUM and C42 Quantum Communication Control Systems …. AI@ITsWork, in order to allow them to progress swiftly further forward and onward and deeper and darker into the light of their programs.
Whether or not they can admit and submit that the following be one of their project operations, is something which one would surely only need to ask of them to find out. And if it be not one of theirs, then obviously be it someone else’s, and if it be in a similar field of Work, REST and Play that they might be engaged in and exploring, then would/could it be valuable support and drivering competition and/or even disruptive creative opposition. It would certainly be ….. well, definitely a challenging enigma it would be catastrophically foolish to ignore‽
The Virtual AI Operating System ……… with the Internet and ITs Global Information Grids Networking as the VAIOSystem Software Store Source, Providing Novel Innovative Virgin Source Code as Special Lead Content in Website Domains/Freely Accessible CyberSpace Environments …. and ITs HyperRadioProActive Drivers being IT and Media as the HardWired Hardware Deliverers of Future World Views. ….. which is surely a Kin to Panoramas and Vistas and Bigger Picture Shows in the Great Advanced IntelAIgents Game ….. only Better and in Betas, Testing and Tempting Systems to FailSafe in their Configuration and Design.
And here be the first short video in a short series of such videos which explains why year on year percentage growth of any positive figure, is exponentially explosive and unsustainable and therefore fundamentally inherent catastrophically destructive. And to deny it and champion its onward march for profits, which be money and/or goods for nothing, identifies one as a wilfully destructive tool and a fine fool for destruction, and that fate and destiny much better sooner rather than later.
Take Care All Who Dare Share out There. Beware and Be Aware in Equal Stead that Just Desserts are Sweet Sticky Nectar to the Worthy Deserving and Quick Bitter Poison to the Worthless Deserved.



Anonymous said...

Hey Mars,
the Anglosaxon cooperation is a matter of fact. Don't lie to the rest of the world by denying it. Bismarck said something like "the defining thing about foreign policy is that when it matters Britain and America will go together".

Now read Bamford about NSA. They now call it "Five Eyes", but it is more appropriately called "BRUSA" or "UKUSA". With Canada, Australia and NZ being subsumed under "Britain". Which they factually are to the present day at least formally. Mrs Windsor is the head of all these four states plus quite a few more little ones around the globe.

So, GCHQ-NSA is actually very much a single thing. Accents matter as much as accents mattered between Germans and Austrians in the 30s and 40s.

And this started probably quite soon after the founding of the U.S. It already ran very deep during the time of GCCS and US Army/Navy cryptology. The Americans built the machines to break Enginma, for example, because Britain was economically unable to do it herself.

Blood is thicker than anything, you know.

Anonymous said...

Regarding exponential growth: That's why the Church is insane in sending wheat to Africa.

They should send boatloads of condom and anti-baby pills.

And that's also why China is a highly rational country: They have defeated hunger by discipline. Something the Anglosaxon banksters still fight tooth and nail. Muppets.