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Re: Understandable contempt in the comments
IBM's Watson, Wolfram Alpha and Google Now are all at the forefront of the next wave of computing, and when these systems mature they will replace the status quo in an avalanche. .... jubtastic1 Posted Saturday 16th November 2013 13:47 GMT
Quite so, jubtastic1. And those waves are delivering a whole NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive See/new clearer astute active autonomous virtual reality for IT Boffinry in Inspired Cahoots with Aspiring Moguls and Cooperative Media to Present Futures and Derivatives of those Futures as Betas for Future Futures, Better Phormed Realities via Virtual Means courtesy of AIMemes. One of those Organised IntelAIgent Community Enterprises which no one gets to hear about until ages after the events because of the significance of what be uncovered and discovered not impossible.
Methinks though, jubtastic1, to understand the contempt in the comments one must realise the blinding ignorance that be must be present in beings not understanding or misunderstanding things which be freely shared and aired. But such is surely easily remedied with a clearer and simpler collection of words which paint an immaculate understanding with perfect pictures for all to see, for of course does IT take one on journeys of discovery and enlightenment and they can be constantly changed according to driver input/output.
PS .... Would that IT Boffinry thing be akin to a New Orderly World Order conspiring to make over the Status Quo from the Realms of their CyberSpace? And that question be directed to the Markets and Money Systems for due dutifully diligent consideration, for one imagines that they have the most to lose and/or gain in anything which brings such as is radically fundamental change and AIRevolutionary Evolution.


Serge C said...

Hi amfM, bon jour, with a further citation needed for uplifting one's mood.

"...the contempt in the comments (... ...) can be constantly changed according to driver input/output" -

Well, I never met anyone who could bring something describing IT in present times and bringing it to front of the discussion or suffering no lack of proof or what else is needed without being addressed to doctor's office :-)

If there are sources and targets, they must have locations and there must be a whole set of them managed with almost scaring effectiveness without extra roads to pass and oils to spill/liquids to fuel. Does anyone else have an opinion that this is a [kind of] Metaphysics otherwise, if there are so comfortably no any?


amanfromMars said...

Thanks for the video, Serge C. It hits the nail right on the head regarding the singular insularity of mankind.

And regarding the chance and/or concern of being addressed to the doctor's office, I am forever strengthened and enlightened by remembering not to forget something allegedly said by Salvadore Dali .... "The only difference between a mad man and me is that I am not mad" :-)

jim said...

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