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Assuming the objective is to make money, there is only one way to do it: Profitable sales.
And lots of them. So the second fundamental problem facing anyone trying to run a counterfeiting business is how to run a sales force in the face of violent competition. Until now, distribution had been as daunting a task as making undetectable bills. Hitler printed large amounts of almost-perfect British banknotes, but was unable to do anything with them because wartime security stopped him from setting up a distribution network in the UK. 
Nowadays, however, with electronic money transfers, is all and any of that a simple operation requiring practically nothing physical, and that does attracts all sorts of strange beings to round tables with seriously disruptive and creatively destructive programs to run from the vast anonymous darkness of cyberspace should there be no establishment accommodation made for their web applications with Global Operating Devices and Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.
And presuming the objective is to simply make and/or rake in money, is to fundamentally and catastrophically disadvantage oneself and deny that the real problem not being addressed, is the supply of greater intelligence which no matter how one would try, can never ever be stopped or reversed.
Only grand mastering fools tilt at those windmills which capture smarter hearts and minds.


The U.S. dollar's status as the world's reserve currency existed because the American Government did whatever was necessary to prevent its debasement. Mass counterfeiting by any power would be considered an act of war and would be dealt with accordingly.
So, QE, to infinity and beyond, is NOT an act of war, but suicide, which is OK? ….. Bill Ross
Talking of acts of war and suicidal drivers, Bill Ross ........ and their persons of interest for special forces attention and/or terrorist proaction, …. here be a primer which be not sub-prime and nonsensical ........ The Economic Hitmen


Casey Evans said...

RE:"Be My Wife? Apple chief Cook cooks up rumours after BMW car talks, factory tour"

Ok I guess I will explain something.
I have been thinking that me being an Irish American that I would like to find an Irish woman to spend my time with. I have no idea where to find one here in the us so I went out on a limb and just randomly typed (I figured there had to be an irish dating site with the words date or dating) and I got a hit on my first guess. Turns out the domain *was* an Irish dating site before, and now redirects to a new domain which is an "actual dating site". So I typed in my info and found out someone had my username already. I tried my default password (one I use for mass subscriptions for sites where I do not care what my password is as they are not vital) and the password and username combo worked. It seems someone already created an account for me. Now most people would find this odd but I have a history of this happening so I was good to go. Now I did a basic search of women only in the Republic of Ireland (seeing as I disagree with the sale of Northern Ireland to the British government). I spent less than a minute and found a red headed Irish womans page, and low and behold she was a match for me. She is educated, a musician, and (as it works out by some statical anomaly *hint*) she travels to California sometimes so I would be able to drive up and meet her for a drink or something sometime.

So it seems I have found a match in the not so mysterious ways of the world when your me.

Anyhow, I figured I would make a donation to the poor African children to complete my registration on the site and email her and see what she thinks.

I thought this was a funny part of the profile "they can also misapply their many talents".
Not like that is a hint from someone to the self driving car maker, oh wait it is.

So I guess we will wait and find out what this (pre-arranged by someone) possible friendship has to offer.

Let me ask you this: If I am not suitable, wtf did you go to all this trouble for to make me find this person like this.

I am not being arrogant, just practical.

The profile this is about is located :

I think marriage was kind of jumping the gun though. I just wanted to hang out and see if we get along. One step at a time please.

Oh and as for someone not disclosing their manufacturing capabilities to another it really does not matter. This manufacturer is planning on the following business arrangement:
1. Place your order, anything within the bounds of the law is good.
2. Manufacturing takes place per customers specifications.
3. Product is demonstrated, payment will be expected for the transfer of the product.

I hope this format is acceptable for someone. It seems to be the best format for me not to get ripped off during the whole process. This process does not require the manufacturer to disclose the manufacturing process details. Source will be provided with the package so the customer can audit all they like and figure out what they need that is beyond the documentation.

All orders for security related products must originate from within the US, stay in the US, and I prefer the orders to come from organizations I prefer to work with. This keeps me under the radar legally, and gets me paid.

Payments can also be made in the form of information (which I doubt the customer would do but hey, I like information) such as proprietary manufacturing techniques owned/patented by the customers organization which they use in their products which may be helpful to this manufacturer in the area of having a greater competitive edge in the business.

If you disagree and demand to be said employer, my rules must be followed. I was strictly told who not to be employed by because of my history and this was by said employee(s) of said organization.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"and their persons of interest for special forces attention and/or terrorist proaction"

The right to earn a living and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor is a fundamental human right, guaranteed by the Constitution.

Infringe upon that right and you will have made a mistake.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Boffins: Spooky, spinning SPACE PEANUT butters up Earth with close flyby"

One would hope you are not calling the US Constitution a peanut.

Do you really want to go to court and have me prove you have violated about every right in the Bill of Rights, and violated almost every section of the US Constitution?

Not only can I prove it, I can do you one better.

Get ready to rip apart my website in court.

I will make a living, and you will not stop me.
I am legit, there is nothing you can do.

The only one breaking laws here is you.

Would you like me to document you actual interception program for internet traffic?

It is a bit more illegal than what Snowden published.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"BT Sport website AND app go TITSUP – footie fans weep"

Look, I want to get along. I would like to play nice. But you cannot honestly sit back and say that ex employees of the NSA are the only ones in the US who can flog security kit.

Let us work something out, we do not need news like:"Cilla Black, singer and TV star, dies in Spain aged 72" for something we can work out.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"The CarFest motoring event has resumed, a day after the death of a pilot whose aircraft plummeted from the sky during an aerial display."

No one is dead, it was just a disagreement.
No one has to die today.

"Mr Whyman, nicknamed "Jester", was a member of the Gnat Display Team and married with a young daughter."

News to me but ok.

Casey Evans said...

RE:""Mercedes are really strong at the moment but Ferrari showed in Budapest that it is possible to beat them," he said. "

I think the bottom line is someone thinks it is unfair for them to live they way they are living for the rest of their life. Someone seems to be impatient, and does not like being threatened.

40 years is a long time and I think that really pissed someone off.

Oh well, I know it will blow over.

It would seem that the audience is quite concerned with someone threatening to use legal action and or expose someone. Am I wrong or have you not been doing the same for about 7 years now.

I think the key here is to remember that someone does not work for you, will not be working for you, doesn't plan on living the way they are living for much longer, and hates to be threatened with poverty and long prison sentences.

Not to mention it seems that vyles family seems to have taken root in multiple governments, which is quite a conflict and one I do not want to be involved in at that.

It is also unfortunate to report that team Mercedes seems to have done the same. They seem to have taken root in (more than I will list) 3 major governments which is a serious violation in my book. One happens to be Germany, which is quite the conflict of interest.

I do look at the bigger picture, and I understand the history of these "teams".

But any way you put it, it is highly illegal and a major conflict of interest.

That was not me accusing these "teams" of such illegal activity, but more of me reporting that I am quite sick them trying to make me look guilty of what their "teams" already are.

With all this being said, my real question for you now is: why are you still wasting your time with little old me.

I am nobody, worth nothing to you, and I am tired of all this multi-cultural attempted implication of me.

Let me help you.

1. All your governments are illegal.
2. I am loyal to the United States government.
3. Yes even the Untied States government is illegal.
4. I do not agree with your methods, arrogant attitudes, blatant disregard for any laws when they are applied to you, your (sic) entitlement since birth of your social status, etc.
5. I am a Irish American, and I do not support Northern Ireland. I find it disgusting that Ireland would allow a foreign government to occupy a chunk of the country, and I feel as if they have sold out every proud Irish person because of it. This might also hint towards the fact that I WOULD NEVER work or be associated with the British government, I think that should be quite obvious based off what I just said my beliefs are.
6. I am not a terrorist, cyber terrorist, etc. I do not plan on breaking and computer crime laws (or any laws at that).
7. I was specifically told not to work for the US government. By insiders be it may, but by current employees (more than one) and they all said the same thing. It is not my cup of tea.

This leads us to income. I like nice things, I like traveling, etc. All this takes money. The more money I have, the more money I can make. The software security industry is quite the inviting candidate for me as it has a very high pay to work ratio.

If you can offer something else as well paying so be it. I already gave a half all attempt at the music business and found I made nothing. IT payed better.

From now on I should NEVER be set up again as a spy for a foreign government, a person who commits treason against my government, or as a terrorist.

I have put my honest perspective and beliefs in plain text on the internet.

And please, quit threatening me with prison time. You break more laws in an hour than I have my entire life.

I am not saying I am not happy being an Evans, but it must be stated that I am not an Evans by birth. I explained I am an Irish American, and those families are a conflict of interest in a way. I love my family, even though this conflict exists.

*End rant.

Casey Evans said...

RE:"Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations stalled until November"


I have nothing but time.