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Re: Empty playbook and happy days with ab fab fabless 0days
That empty playbook, Jarno, is an unbelievably rich canvas upon which greater shared intelligences paint the future to be provided for media presentation and global realisation, which is actually then much more hypervirtualisation,
And now, a little surfing to see if Aalto University is into supplying such novel future leadership alumni.
And yes, ye olde established power systems are certainly rightly terrified of what even the most simply competent of cybernauts can practically do with virtually nothing and when it is only intelligence which can mentor and monitor their concerns to mitigate and manipulate all that the future holds as IT unfolds it in all of its glory, is that which is needed plainly identified for top gun hire in meaningful engagements/infinitely smarter programs for more enlightened bodies.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mars,
regarding my latest observations of foreigners here, it appears that at least some of them were businesspeople who planned to invest here.
As I wrote, I would certainly have been interested in talking to the American businessman, even though you and I probably do not like the idea of mass data collection too much. I have more than one business+technology idea on which I think I could move information technology into a much better shape. Apple and Mozilla have already been "put on the right track". So to speak.

There are plenty of business opportunities which do not require operating a collection system of epic size. Each user could have his little server inside/behind the DSL modem, proven secure and under his complete control. No backdoors and such.

So maybe he or one of his friends reads your blog and will take notice.

The big question certainly is whether there will be a government allowing this to happen. All of them are by now addicted to massive, automated collection. See your PMs recent statement on the matter. Speaking of this, I find it rather impressive how Britain managed to get their cpu design spread all over the world. Running an American built operating system. Sometimes I wonder why the eastern empires all this kind of thing. The risks are obvious.

Anyway, have a nice weekend, don't forget to "reload your mental battery" and don't overwork yourself.

greetings from the forest of darkness

amanfromMars said...

Hi, Anonymous,

With particular and peculiar regard to ... "The big question certainly is whether there will be a government allowing this to happen." ....... methinks there be nothing either really or virtually effective any government or body thinking to act as if governmental, can do to stop such controls happening.

There are some interesting risks now dropping all kinds of weird and wonderful fruits and harvests for reintegrating into systems of future operation, and with most all of them novel and previously untested and therefore almost certainly more revolutionary than evolutionary in nature.

Dark webs and forests of intrigue surely greet them.