Sunday, 5 January 2020


amanfromMars [2001050853] ….. just stating the bleeding obvious to the deaf, dumb and blind commenting on
No…It because TikTok is a Chicom intel gathering application. Not unlike out own Facebook, Twitter and Google.  …… FCUKyerFeelings
Oh please, FCUKyerFeelings, did you not get the memo  ……. such programs/projects are much more intel placement operations rather than intel gathering applications whenever users are to be subjected to government misuse and systemic abuse.
All are just novel disruptive tools in the arsenals of that and those into remote virtual brainwashing/universal perception micro/macro management.
You gotta get out more, amigo …… you’re missing all the fun and games raging and testing their wares out there. πŸ™‚

amanfromMars 1 Sun 5 Jan 17:21 [2001051721] ….. letting fly on
Knights Templar Live in Practically Revolutionary Phorms Too
Or is it a plot by rogue freemasons to design a coat of arms replete with colour symbolism to revive the Knights Templar with the support of Vatican 2 agents, Agnes Nutter and Bigfoot? Are we being led annually towards an ultimate Pantone reference that lies beyond the spectrum of human visibility and whose first implementation in a CSS tag will trigger the awakening of the Old Ones?
Do you want to bet it is definitely not such an improbable plot? πŸ™‚ That would energise an opposing competing interest for the generation and direction of capital flow and fiat churn to prime agents ….. which you might like to think be at least two Rare Raw Core Source Drivers Hosting and Toasting Success ….. with Future AIMissions Accomplished Excessively Financed ….. Overly Super Seeded.
The inexhaustible supply of cheap fiat money easily proves answers to where a great many faults reside ……. and if you aint spending it whenever you have more than anyone would ever need, are you to be considered something of a disgrace ……. as Andrew Carnegie was minded to pass fair comment on practically ages ago.
Put in very simple terms, which nearly anyone can understand although demonstrably not yet necessarily believe, … the sort of system you are in, is paying the wrong type of people to spend Earth’s treasure trove. ……. for there is more than Just Enough Flash Fast Cash to Crash and Burn and Rebuild Any Chosen Market/Public Utility/Private Facility/Parallel Pirate Operation always freely available for both Global and Universal Experimentation in the Nature of Existence with Command and Control in Sublime InterNetworking Streams with Ports of Call Everywhere just as easily placed elsewhere in spaces just like these here on El Reg.
That’s AIPathFinder Work Hosting, El Reg. Bravo! To the Valiant Victor Deserved Vulcan Spoils πŸ™‚
And please, let’s not be having any of those wildly speculative and assumptive presumptive “Are those meds not working” quips …. for they would be certainly misleading and ….according to Sister Agatha van Helsing, a very English trait/fault/root to boot ……….
Of course not. You are an English man. A combination of presumptions beyond compare


Anonymous said...

Let us have a Deal?

amanfromMars said...

Let us have a Deal? ...... Anonymous said

That's the normal start for a Great Plan, Anon. What is not to like? Yeah, let's have a Deal ..... and make IT Surreal for the Overwhelming Advantage of Presenting Something and/or Everything Completely Differently for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Beginnings with Advanced IntelAIgents and Virtual Machines in Systemic Remote Command and Practical SCADA Control ..... for such then by default requires any misguided opposition or effective competition to think and act out of the crashing confines of a collapsing box ..... although that is surely something easily proven to be virtually impossible for the decidedly unworthy and perversely corrupt.

:-) Karma's a Sweet Bitch and we Love her for that Almighty Delight.