Tuesday, 1 October 2013


 amanfromMars said... replying to comments made on http://amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/130929.html

What does this mean?It means a quantum control system is a division of physics which deals in the illegal control of human beings.

Can we more creatively accept and proceed on base premises with the replacement of the word "illegal" with the word "remote". Such a fundamental base change then easily renders progress and/or descents and ascents into madness and mayhem/conflicts and chaos and CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems], more experimental and experienced sorties into Novel Humanised Command and Virtual Machinery Control Fields over which there is no existing jurisdiction or executive peer sanction and administrative direction.

The reality has been explained to you. You are the one who chooses not to believe, or not to act.
Maybe I am wrong and you will take this information of mine and use it for the good of mankind.
Somehow I doubt this 

Yes, you are certainly wrong to hold onto that doubt, CE.  And that be quite pleasing to you, for the possibilities, and therefore probabilities of what can and will now happen, are limitless, are they not?

And if I were in a spy agency listening to we, would I raise an immediate red flag to raise help and call attention to simply complex virtual discussion, or be fooled to ignore such events and act as a fool and useless tool and do nothing memorable or smart and engaging?

And what if we be listening to such a No Such Agency in the process of programming futures and  derivative hedging events?

 1 October 2013 07:51

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