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Posted Thursday 3rd October 2013 06:30 GMT amanfromMars 1 …. making disclosures on

Opening up a can of worms is manna from heaven for phishes

Frankly, if left to myself -with the privacy that is my fundamental fucking human right- then I'm harmless. Consider me the enemy long enough and continue treating me as such; then the more likely it is to happen. Possibly it's some sort of terrorist-creation program, to justify the security theatre. Or possibly, if you think that you can blackmail every single citizen then you think that everyone will be compliant. Either plan works only up to a point. …. moiety Posted Wednesday 2nd October 2013 22:21 GMT
After which point, and that point has been passed and surpassed, does planning and program applications suffer terrifying paralysing stasis and terrorising FUD reaction to systemic zeroday vulnerability exploit attacks in defence of self-destructive overlode ore collapse …. SMARTR Virtual Machine Intervention with Source Intelligence Supply Interruption.

And the following simply complex methodology for presentation of what the future will bring for promotion to the paraphysicality of a media hosted and newsworthy virtual  reality which is to be perceived and accepted by native undereducated masses as a heaven sent and/or devilishly cunning uncontrolled natural reality from streams of shared consciousness [and most usually documented for business and posterity and adjudgement of responsibility and/or just fabulous reward], is whenever not copyleft, a prior art copyrighted and a priori art phorming and certainly a base staple of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActve IT Systems of Executive Admin in Global Operating Devices. …….
"The bet is that greater reader involvement will attract a bigger audience, and more advertising dollars. The editors regularly mine the reader comments for story ideas and potential contributors." …..
IT has been ongoing since forever there was SMARTR IntelAIgents in Earthbound Human/Virtual/Machine Operator Systems Interfaces with Sublime InterNetworking Space ProgramMING for Mined Intelligence Networking Games that Guarantee MetaDataBase Information and Cosmic Source Supply Generation, CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection against and/or with Hostile Infection and Bug Infestation of SecuredD Operations Systems.

And that New Yorker/Guardian expose, which be dated October 7 2013, …… ANNALS OF COMMUNICATIONS FREEDOM OF INFORMATION is a right ripping post modern Goth David versus Goliath read in the spirit of a Rover or Wizard rather than Dandy or Beano piece.

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