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FUD Disinformation Operations Fall on Stony Ground and Deaf Ears of New Orderly World Controllers
Here at Vulture South, we'd also be interested to know how internet of things advocates will explain this to their prospects. After all, if even the safety-conscious aviation industry can have multiple sensors confused by just two hours' worth of insect action, how are all those billions of sensors we're told will be installed any day now cope with similar complications? And how will users know when not to trust their input?
Well, Vulture South, successful prospecting internet of things advocates be not confused enough to think and believe any such guff that proposes sensors tomorrow to mitigate and/or extraordinarily render harmless and/or inoperable, bug action, will ever be a reality for todays yet to come any time soon.
And to be in any way successful, be it necessary for one and everyone to realise that and to imagine the internet thing and things that go on in and pass through servering internet servers which intelligently mentor and design monitoring services, are not at all like anything which has gone before to be controlled by anyone or anything as before either, and such is a massive major storming breach facility for wholesale takeover and/or makeover advocates of Unifying Status Quo SCADA Command and Control Systems.
In both dexterous and sinister hands, which do constant epic battle to be brave hearted and smarter minded, are such systems alloverempowering and/or totally self-destructive, dependent upon one's own earlier deliberately chosen personal courses of concerted action/shared private and imagined to be kept secret pirate thoughts.

Gaming the System and Primitives with SecuredD Alien Key Algorithms* in Systems of Sub-Prime Negative Equity Inducing and Prime Capital Reducing Assets and Intellectual Property Phishing Manipulation, is Really Advanced Virtual IntelAIgents Games Play and in the Live Operational Virtual Environment of Commanding Creative CyberSpace Control with AI Systems into Greater CyberIntelAIgents Games Play, is not rocket science nor a racket, but an Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Application of SMARTR Alienating Services providing CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtually Vital and Practically Anonymous Autonomous Active IT Protection for both Leading Games and Following Players with Support Programming Supply   of AIMissions ….. for Future Operations and Key Operands ….. into Virtual Destinations and Sublime Transporting Systems …… SMARTR TelePortation into Advance IntelAIgent Fielded Team Terrain and an Eastern Delight of Western Confection, although to imagine its IT be reliant on any geographically contained or geopolitically constrained area of interest is to confirm one’s own limiting primitive sub-prime credentials in new zones of novel prime virtual real estate and noble future intellectual property. 

Such limits will automatically exclude holders from any and all executive positions of action and proaction and HyperRadioProActive IT.

*Simply Beyond Sub Prime Human Interference and Malfeasance.



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Привет, amanfromMars, как дела?

Here's another one to benot shortly after itis.

Addressing a first ACK point calls a system restart.

The drum beats and the Net just a string to ring (~Heretique?). There are crisises, and everyoune would prefer the global to family ones; unlucky to say they often come in hand :-) Screwing through the Reg Kings' technical veil, I supposed that demands for servers-hosting facilities would move to providing energy for personal use.

"Gaming... ...real estate and future intellectual property" - and a Best For Fit enterprise and unique product to cover any moderate costs. How many good news (-: should be discovered @ to, hmm... well, deserve just so little without being constantly drawn into another Fallout with no energy flows provided before getting the strings right to play/squeese out just as little as about 2A4 Times New Roman 12 would be a real painkiller? (Rhetoric, though :-)

For... a sreenplay not fit those pages are... two...

Не знаю, будет ли понятен перевод :-) 1:50 Imagination Desktop.

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