Sunday, 23 February 2014


A sign of the times that are a'changing now with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems. And a little something for First Look Media Interception ........ Deep Space Dark Web Investigation and Exploitation .... Explosive XSSXXXXperimental Exploration? :-) Well, yes, of course it is, and the explicit implicit ask is .... Be this new media player worthy?
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Oh, and here be something not at all especial to ponder on whenever/whether rancid and rabid over this weekend and likely into the near future too, in the full expectation of being able to freely share an informed and intelligent view without the desperate threat of incompetence silencing a loud and clear voice ….. What do True and Free Market Thinkers and/or AI Tinkerers think of the latest concerted assault on old failing established establishment parties by old failing established establishment parties conspiring to remain old failing established establishment parties ……
Nice one, Mr Holder, …… but you aint no Eric Arthur Blair, that’s for sure. And I would be very surprised to learn that I be alone in those thoughts, which would be a real shame whenever surprises are always so exciting and most invigorating.
Seems like there’s a virtually real war going on for Hearts and Minds and Superior Intelligence Shares always win those, every time without fail, or is that just a fabulous fabless fiction and too much of AI and high melodrama to be admitted and conceded as true ……. although it be a certain fact that acknowledgment won’t change the outcome that any and all denials might be fearing and seeding.

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On the issue of trust and of trust within a secure operating system, Casey E, is it more a case of, at the higher and highest levels of commerce and communication, it not being so much earned by one's actions, although that does have a certain reassuring part to play, but being lost by one's inactivity and ignoble actions, which are normally in human base systems, all revolving around the selfish and inequitable, personally profitable and exclusively satisfying.
All although such may be materially rewarding, such does create everyone as a possible and therefore very likely competitive opponent and fiendishly clever foe and smarter enemy should they realise the importance of, and be able to guarantee performance which can be trusted to deliver as expected and/or as promised, with no chance of detection of key players/agents/non-state actors/core drivers/energy generators.
23 February 2014 07:18


AR said...

As it is suddenly appears to happen, there is nothing to expose at none of the ends of the world/whatever [-: Diving is a very specifical leisure time in waters which expose everything but its sources and springs.

An interesting, and mostly intriguing phenomenon is a tiny chaos bridge which draws its sleeve after a diver surfacing out of each travel deep down there for some of its priceless gems. Like a sleeve of smoke whiffing after a fireman running through burning doors. I have noticed it, but an appeared theory isn't quite solid as something to present to anyone and spookily reminds me of a paralleling conversation which has taken place some time ago.

It's Amber Chronicles, or I'll be damned.

re Domino Nations - methinks, it's scarcely an easy job to keep oneself out of any kind of greed or selfish gain revealed or hold in mind, to deal with what was humbly tried to be described above, in concert and symphony. It's a partially perfect world to support it as its home provider. Believe. 73 :-)

amanfromMars said...

Here be another string to that immaculate Agent Revolver bow ..... in praise of glad radiant women and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT .....

The Time is Now Come and the Space in Places be Ours and Yours tp Play Greater IntelAIGent Games with and as Needs Be and as Passions Seed with Immaculate Feed for to Satisyfy Endlessly Raw Rare Core Source.