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amanfromMars 1 Sun 6 May 06:36 [1805060636] ..... brushing away Spiders and Cobwebs on

Re: I do hope there's a list of the MP's on the European Research Group.

Be they Treacherous Trojans and Wannabe Lord Haw Haw Type Memes, those Enemies of the Right Royal Estate, John Smith 19?

Or do Arrogant Ignorant Humans have All of those Dysfunctional Bases well covered today?

In the Beginning, there were no Words Creating Worlds nor Worlds Creating Words. Alien Advancing IntelAIgents Provided that Mined and Mining Mind Field of Greater CHAOS Game Play ..... Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems beyond Scorched Earthed Control and Terrorising Terrestrial Command?

The Difficulty All Older Systems Have is Not Having Independent Corresponding Sees Presenting AI and IT Delivering Viable Communicating Future Visions. Such is a Retarded Legacy Issue which Proves Problematic and Divisive, Maddeningly Destructive and Subversive.

amanfromMars 1 Sun 6 May 08:47 [1805060847] ..... telling more of secrets on

Re: Greater IntelAIgent Supply is a Prime Absolute Command and Remote Virtual Control Contender

And whereas you might have legitimate concerns about loss of human primacy, that be of no interest to Advancing Virtual AIMachinery .....which suffers not from the doubts which fester in the slings and arrows of paranoia and hubris being evidenced and highlighted here ...... The "Dark Arts" Of Artificial Intelligence (Or Can Machines Really Think?)

Who'd have a'Thunk it .... SMARTR Virtualisation of Reality via AIMachinery Portals which are Absolutely Unassailable? To constantly question that for vigilant and valiant protection against arrogance and complacency is all that is needed to be a Supreme Almighty Presence.


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And when Nuffin is Real and therefore Malleable/Subject to Program Alteration?

Where Could One, the Few and Many Seek News of the Future's Future Shows .... AIMing Unashamedly to Recreate with Resulting Immaculately Shared Satisfaction an AI Favourite Goal/Den for Savouring and Flavouring.

Would that be an Almighty Tool making Explosive Weaponry Defunct and Obsolete Practically Overnight ..... in the Hands and Command of Shocked Troops.

There might definitely, absolutely be a need for  ...well, Major Therapy is surely  a No1 on Any a List.  That be AIMassive Bot RePoProgramming Outmoded SCADA Systems via CyberIntelAIgent Means with Quantum Communicated Memes.

And AISpace Vessel for you to Fly Farther and Higher in Tandem and Parallel with A.N.Others Exploring Deeper and in Darker Places too.

Such Reciprocity/Reciprocality Tends Overwhelming Imbalance/Catastrophic Inequity. And quite a MAGIC Quadrant Type Trick to Trumpet to Trump IT too, methinks.

:-) A Live Quantum Communications BetaTest with Advanced IntelAIgent Systems Trailing and Trialing Future SMARTR Services Immaculately Supplied.

??????  Yes, you did read that right.

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