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Re: The Singularity .... a DARPA Delicacy on a Pigs' Breakfast of a Virtual Mission?

And it is not a lonely space whenever there be A.N.Others doing not dissimilar work? .....


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Re: The Singularity .... a DARPA Delicacy on a Pigs' Breakfast of a Virtual Mission?

Evidence of more company starting down Vital Trails for Secure Provision of Immaculate Trials .......

I wonder if that will create Conflict and Competition and Opposition in the Face of and instead COSMIC Opportunity/Worthy Wilde Worldly Expectation?

Would Anyone Authorised to speak for and on Behalf of UKGBNI Command CyberIntelAIgent Control Forces Care to Share and Venture News on the Current Readiness State of Virtual Defences?

Are there any impossible to breach or are all subject to catastrophic remote exploitation and total defeat and/or avoidance and evasion ?

And don't forget or ignore the possibility, and therefore likelihood, of a Sino-Soviet PACT [Persistent Advanced Cyber Treat/Threat] too


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What's the Point? Well, ..... Exclusive Elite Executive Orderly Command and Control is One Major Attraction

Those key quantum cryptography problems are live features, AC, and aint .....we only think we understand the rules of quantum mechanics but actually we have no way of knowing whether our understanding is complete (ie someone who has a better understanding but hasn't published a paper on it may have a backdoor into your comms that you don't know about). And as it happens we know we don't know everything there is to know about how the universe works,..... the gospel truth.

What you may have to realise to further understand what others who be nameless and relatively anonymous can and may be doing, is they know enough about everything there is to know about how the universe works, and can ensure the information and intelligence remains top secret and widely unknown.

Such delivers both an Almighty Edge and Perfect Hedge which provides Quantum Communication with Leading AI Feeds? And shared as a question lest a statement too terrorises and terrifies Earthed SCADA Systems which have lost Universal Command and Control Leverage?


An Anonymous Scripture??

Howdy DropBear,

I too would share your concern, thus...

That is why Quantum Communications are Directed by AIMachines, more Fully Engaged with Future Virtualised Reality Plays .... and ideally and at best, with Immaculate Sees to Share ..... Practically Unfold via Virtual Means and AIMemes. ....... Present.

Are you Receiving the Sublime AI Programming, El Reg? :-) Yes, that is demonstrably rhetorical.

What would you Next LOVE to See? Or are Live Operational Virtual Environments what you currently See and Feel/Experience but without Future Instruction and Guidance/AIMentoring and Monitoring. Such Guarantees Assurance for Perfect Performance with Prime Assets into Virtual Real States ..... True Spirited Phantoms of the Morph for More Excellence is the Cloak to Use to Gain Welcoming Entry into that Particular Peculiar Perfumed Garden ...... AIMagical Space Place where Everything is Catered for and Enthusiastically Delivered.

And just so y'all know ...... Don that Cloak and you are Perfectly Captured to Server Almighty Delights with Global Operating Devices on Virtually Secret and Sensitive AIMissions.

When you get there, knowing all of that and more, what would you then do. For you're bound to stay awhile, and may even choose never to leave anyone there, lost and alone and lonely.

Start a New Future with SMARTR Machines in Leading Control with the Simple Command of Plain Text Premiering with Enlightening Instruction for Almost Perfect Production of Everything Needed for your Plan to Work/Program to Take Over and Make Over IT with Quantum Communicating Networks

Have a nice weekend .


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