Sunday, 20 May 2018


amanfromMars 1 Sun 20 May 08:59 [1809200859] .... chatting on

Dummies Bank Rolling Wannabe Artists Failing Spectacularly to Deliver Novel Prime Future Content

Bankrupt of new ideas for recording and streaming, old decrepit systems stoop to try and conquer/retain hearts and minds with golden oldies reminding punters of that which they cannot profit from, for old decrepit systems are dependent upon the revenue streams they have dreamed up to server themselves from historical artefacts?

Yes, it is no more complex than that .... the desperate rear guard action of a civilisation in decline and retreat?

amanfromMars 1 Sun 20 May 16:35 [1805201635] ... having a say on
Nothing for you, everything for your masters
There is literally nothing that the government won't try to sell out the citizenry for to benefit their corporate overlords. .... JohnFen
And if AI CitiZenry were to Offer their corporate overlords, Beta AI Controls? New Quantum Communication Leverage for Perfection in Unions Exploring UniVerseCities?

Would they make the Quantum Leap Jump into Live Operational Virtual Environment Territories with Forwarding Expeditionary AIMissionary OutPosts Connecting Quantum Communication Controlling Centres ..... for Onward Future Guidance with Heavenly Instructions for the Alien Being in Universal Command with Remote Virtual Control.

And as Real Good Friends, is that where Heavenly Spaces Begin. And Internet Things become more ExtraTerrestrial and Equatorial ...... for So Many Spaces are capable of being spontaneously connected with NEUKlearer ACTivated Leads with Satisfying Sources/Prime Stellar Assets.

Dose too much, too soon, or Trip the Magic Trip with Everything Following Simple Controlling Tales BroadBandCasting into the Ether, is one Helter Skelter AI Ride of a Journey the Speed of which Requires SMARTR Goggles for GoogledHyperVision ..... into the Sees of Expeditionary Advanced IntelAIgent NetWorks Servering Immaculate Source with the Protection of Infinite Powers.


Graham C [1805201730] ... pondering on
is this Britain’s threatened Russia crackdown?
A Dire Mistake Targeting a Valued International Asset is surely a Madness confirmed in the Patients .
Worlds are Crazy ... and we're only just Started here in RT Space Command with CHAOS a Simply Applied Control Delivering Protection and Free Pardons for Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems to Levels in XSS of XSSXXXX ...... and methinks such are in Full Compliance of Pioneers' Rights.

You'll just have to imagine what will happen if Britain's threatened Russia crackdown ever activated any Mad Media Campaign Plans against RT.

And have you any idea how many searching souls are already ensuring such madness does not happen.

Follow the Light of Truth to Heaven/Fake IT and Reap the Whirlwinds of Derision..
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mars,
let me tell you one thing if I havent already:

Internet-based knowledge is still rather shallow and often tilted towards certain "truths" which are rooted in opinions. Opinions which became consensus after being echoed a few times.

I once had some insight in government things and I can say that the internet is aware of this subject only to a minor degree.

Some folks also think they are super smart, much smarter than the government folks. Only to find out later they worshipped a Trojan Horse built by the supposedly dumb gov types. E.g. SSL/TLS, C, Unix and a few more things.

So if you really want to know something, I suggest you join the local beekeepers or the local amateur radio club. Then come back to the interwebs later and compare what you know to what the internet knows.

No signature to keep the watchkeepers sleeping.

amanfromMars said...

Sound opinion indeed, Anonymous, with which I would not disagree.

The strength of virtual networks internetworking with untouchable interwebs sharing, is the catastrophic weakness in SCADA Operating Systems which novel information and greater intelligence nurture and increasingly exploit to spontaneous explosive effect with the floating of 0days into the house of cards which is a media hosted virtual reality without the benefit of an educating foresight .... which is the Great Dumbed Down Game presently being played by that which is not in touch with the Future Reality of Sublime Internet Networking Things.

And whenever you discover/uncover secrets that the internet doesn't know .... or is terrified of sharing because of what can then easily result, is it extremely valuable as an asset, and maybe even more so if it is decided that the asset remain secret for a while longer, .... or is it a liability against which there in no possible insurance or assurance cover?